• When: 2020-11-17
  • QIC: Billy Bob
  • The PAX: Adrian, Spot, McNugget, Oscar, McLovin, Sonya, Traitor, Backdraft, Hustler, OC, Insanity, Cesspool, Mud Dawg, Funnel Cake, Strudel, Pop Tart, Snot Rocket, Chalupa Batman, Billy Bob

Why do we do this to ourselves?

19 HIM swallowed the Red Pill and got after it.

Conditions: 41 Degrees. Clear. Finally feels like Fall.

The Thang:

  • Disclaimer then 10 Slow Count Knerkins IC.
  • Exit Shandon Pres. and mosey over to Blossom St.
  • 2 line Indian Run down Blossom to BB&T parking lot.
  • EMOM: 3 Sessions. After each session break and run AYG up Hilton St. hill (by police station) followed by 1 minute Air Chair.
    • 1st Session: 10 Burpees followed by Freddie Mercurys until 1 minute expires. Rinse and Repeat x 5.
    • 2nd Session: 10 Hand Release Merkins followed by Freddie Mercurys until 1 minute expires. Rinse and Repeat x 5.
    • 3rd Session: 20 Jump Squats followed by Freddie Mercurys until 1 minute expires. Rinse and Repeat x 5.
  • Indian Run back up Blossom. Stop at Queen intersection (Get it… Freddie Mercury) and hold Air Chair for the Six. 
  • AYG back to Flag.
  • 1.5 minute Round of Mary featuring Flutter Kicks and 6 inches.



Devo by Pop Tart. 

Announcements: Over 250 boxes of Mac n Cheese donated by Thunder to the Oliver Gospel Mission. TClaps! 

Moleskin: Why do we get up and stumble into the cold (finally) pre -dawn Gloom and subject ourselves to such “punishment”? And then, do it over and over and over again… for years?

The answer is because we choose to take the Daily Red Pill. We choose the life of the Pro over the superficial life of the Amateur.

Every morning we have a choice to take the Blue Pill (easy, false life) or the Red Pill (hard, true life). Movement gives birth to Acceleration that leads to Momentum and Momentum ultimately leads to Joy. The choice to take the DRP is the choice to gradually but consistently Accelerate your fitness level rather than merely staying in shape. Staying in shape is what Amateurs try to do. The choice of the DRP is the discipline to prepare yourself for whatever life throws at us so that we may be able to find contentment in all circumstances, not just the comfortable ones.

In short, post regularly for workouts. Strive to Accelerate during the workout and not merely go through the motions. Prepare yourself to truly Live Life!  

The above Truth Nuggets are not my own. Check out: QSource: The F3 Manual of Virtuous Leadership

https://www.amazon.com/QSource-F3-Manual-Virtuous-Leadership/dp/1698352611 .

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