• When: 07/20/17
  • QIC: Caboose
  • The PAX: Happy Trees, Babe, Urkel, Shankopotamus (Respect), Nub, Matlock, Hollywood, Belding, Pullout, Swayze, Tongue & Groove, Peg, Altar Boy, Ken Doll, Meatball, Rocking Chair (Respect), Floppy Disk, Dunphy, Caboose

Welcome to The Smokehouse

The Smokehouse PAX were honored this AM to welcome a few visitors to our humble AO. Peg, an F3 Summerville PAX who has been with us at Smokehouse and The Rooster this week and the men of the F3 Midlands Tour. Its always nice to have the Nantan pay a visit, especially when he brings a crew of F3 Lexington’s best along for the ride! YHC was honored to run alongside Rocking Chair: the man, the.myth, the legend! Hope you boys had as much fun as YHC did! Here’s how we got better this morning:



Mosey to the blockpIle


SSH x15 IC

Merkins x10 OYO

WM x10 OYO

Take one from the pile and slowsy to the stadium

Circle up and get ready for Ring of Fire

2 Pax at a time go down and up stadium stairs twice with block (Cusack across the high ground and hold it anyway you can on the ups and downs) and made their way back to the circle, while the rest of the PAX performed these four exercises IC on repeat


Block Thrusters x10 IC

Incline Merkins on your block x10 IC

Alternating Leg Lunges x10 IC

This started going a little long and YHC had plans to introduce the visitors to anpther one of Smokehouses treasured landmarks, so we started going 4 at a time on the steps instead of two. We did 4 or 5 cycles of block work before all of the PAX had taken the stairs and back.

Slowsy to blockpIle and stack em back nice and neat.

Mosey to the base of Ol’ Smokey and plank it up.

Continue the mosey to the top of Hash Hill.

Plank for the six

x30 SSH OYO at top of hill

x15 Burpees at bottom

x20 SSH at top

x10 Burpees at bottom

x10 SSH at top

X5 Burpees at bottom

Back to top and plank for the six

Mosey back to the shovelflag






1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Your bodies are not your own, they were bought at a high price. Live your.life for Jesus!