• When: 2019-11-07
  • QIC: Rec
  • The PAX: Tupperware, Twerk, Escobar, Bogey, Net Zero, Cure-Aid, Wee Wee

Warm Chocolate Mocha

Weather: 50 or so, fast running temp.


Emperial Walkers

Long Mosey cut short. Stop at cones and we did a lot. Bear Crawls, planks, Groiners, toe taps, squats, some Mary. Really just a whole menu of exercises repeated for about 8 cones.

If you are a fast runner, we have researched and found that you tend to complain about leg work. We also heard about the Q’s pink watch, Mocha, and his FIA weinke at this time. There was really just too much to write out.

Mosey to the back for some blocks. Block swings, curls for the girls, overhead press, and overhead squats several times.

Mosey to the tables. Dips down the ladder, dips almost back to the top. Mosey to pullup bar where Wee Wee and Tupperware climbed the inverted bar to end pullups. Mosey back to the side for some leg throw downs.

Mosey to the flag. We did not call our names today but those who are MIA. It was a lot. We prayed for all our PAX and hope they are doing ok. We hope to see you back!

Announcements: Register D2D and P200, Get together Nov.14 @6:30 – Wee Wee’s lakeside firepit.