• When: 2020-08-27
  • QIC: Soaker
  • The PAX: Ken Doll, Rock Drop (R), Arrears, Argyle, Soaker

Urban Legend morphs to Urban Dictionary

My little buddy, Argyle, put out a plea for a Q on Thursday. Taking the Q would give YHC the HC he needed to show up and post. I volunteered and Ken Doll immediately brought up the tiny board. He is the modern day Peter Cetera, the lead guy from Chicago, aka…The Inspiration. 

In an attempt to have the perfect Q, the tiny board made an appearance. What a letdown. Apparently, the perfect Q calls for perfect exercises and perfect music playing in the background. No music so the quest for perfection continues. Other than sucky reps, the only sound being heavy breathing, high humidity, and new lingo being tossed around…it was a steller Friday morning in the gloom if I do say so myself.

30 second warning, disclaimer, no FNG’s, pray it in.

Short mosey and circle up.

SSH x 20 IC (urban dictionary kicked in. Pax over 40 do not know what pax under 40 know. On the flip side, pax under 40 like music that sucks, and us older, wiser dudes appreciate quality music and bands from the best musical era ever). If you want to know what was discussed…POST AND BE A PART OF THE CONVERSATION.

TTT x 10 IC, Michael Phelps x 10 IC, The Windmill x 10 IC.

The Thang:

5 burpees at the ramp to the parking garage.

Run up to top level and (picture a Halo light glowing) find the tiny board propped up with instructions for the day. Not really needed, more of a prop for KD.

20 derkins, 20 shoulder taps (2ct), 20 v-ups, 20 prisoner squats.

Run to the gazebo on the lower level for 20 dips.

Run to the ramp heading up, stop for 5 burpees, and the return to the starting point.

Rinse and repeat the cycle decreasing reps by 1 each time. We completed 7 rounds (made it to 14 reps of each).

Recover and mosey to the flag for Mary.

American Hammers x 20 IC, LBC’s x 20 IC.



Smokehouse 9/11 challenge on 9/18

Iron Pax – week 0 next week

BRR in 2 weeks

Prayer requests:

Slim Jim, Notebook, No Show


Country and service personnel

Close in prayer.

Devo: Proverbs 25:28 – A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls.

We can’t lead unless we are under control in all things. Be aware of what you let creep inside the walls.

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