• When: 2019-03-19
  • QIC: Tutu
  • The PAX: Squatter, Britta, Juice, Lumbergh, Niles and Tutu.

Tutu’s big brick heist Part II

6 PAX were accessories in the big brick heist Part II

In attendance – Squatter, Britta, Juice, Lumbergh, Niles and Tutu.

Conditions:  42 Cold!

Disclaimer and Prayer

Mosey over toward the big brick storage area on the back side of PHES.  The PAX stopped near the PHES sign and circled up.

Jumping Jacks, 4C, IC – 25 Reps

Through the Tunnel, 4C, IC – 25 Reps

Little Baby Arm Circles, 4C, IC – 15 Forward, 15 Backward

Mosey to brick pile and everyone grabbed 2 big bricks.  Slowseyed toward the football field with big bricks and exersized according to the following:

Every light pole – Plus 10 reps

Every Fire Hydrant – Plus 15 reps

Every Road – Minus 10 reps

Every Brick Column with Gate– Plus 2 reps

The PAX started  with curls for girls and switched over to overhead press before making it to the football field.  On the field, PAX circled up and did the following:

25 Curls for Girls

25 Overhead Presses

25 Flys to the front

25 Flys to the side

After we rinsed and repeated, we headed to the brick pile to deposit our loot and moseyed toward the hexagon.  At the hexagon, PAX avoided the Q and grabbed a bench and did the following:

20 Inclines on Bench

20 Declines on Bench

20 step ups on the bench each leg.

Mosey to the curb and did the following:

20 calf raises

On pole, PAX did 20 count each for Air Chair, Al Gore, Arms to the side

Rinse and repeat twice.

Mosey back to the parking lot, circle up, count off, name game thingy.

Announcements and Prayer Request

Prayer for Pow Pow’s Aunt with Stage 4 Cancer

Prayer for marriages and un-named couple with abuse situation

Prayer for P200 participants and safety for all.

Prayer and fist bump it out!