• When: 2019-03-19
  • QIC: Floppy Disk
  • The PAX: Quest, Long Haul, Baby Heart, Forrest, Fast Casual, Notebook, Fish Wrap, Recall, 7-11, James (FNG), Da Bears (R), Rock Drop (R)

More than you wanted to know

13 of Lexington’s finest show up this morning and learn a little more about each other than they likely wanted to know. More about that in the Moleskin below

Seal Jacks x 20
Hillbillies x 15
Goofball x 15
Donkey Kicks – jumping over curb x 20
Squats on Q – while down the Chinook x15 IC

Loading dock hop – 2 groups
Group 1 does hops while group 2 does merkin’s – Flapjack
Group 1 does hops while group 2 does X Jacks – Flapjack

Vortex – Basically a game of “Never have I ever” but running/lunging in outer circle until you have to answer yes to one of the questions. If yes – go in circle and do the called out exercise. (SEE MOLESKIN FOR WHAT WE LEARNED ABOUT EACH OTHER)

Block work
Overhead Press
Chest Press

Circle up
Back Plank on Q count
Crab Humper x 15 IC
Low Country Crab x 15 IC
Crab Crunch x 15 IC

To the Wall
Peoples Chair
Touch Ground
Ascending Testicles x 3

Name o Rama

Here are some things we learned about each other this morning:
Several of our pax have/had piercings – Quest may or may not have had/has a pair of piercings on his chest area
Da Bears likes Debbie Gibson and went to her concert
A few of our pax have been arrested
Suki has also been to a Kenny G concert


FNG – James Butera > from South Florida > attends FSU > visiting Teacher Brittany Moersch’s daughter > Gator Bait

Moses didn’t get to enter the Promised Land. Be content where God chooses to use you. Even if it’s not where or how you intended to be used by God. Shine bright for him in whatever circumstances you are in so that he can use you.