• When: 2018-03-22
  • QIC: Tutu
  • The PAX: Squatter, Meter, Britta, Villa, Juice, and Tutu.

Tutu – Field of Dreams Q – Turned into Epic Road Trip

6 PAX fought the FS to attend Tutu’s Field of Dreams Q!

Conditions:  32 Cold!

Disclaimer and Prayer

Slowsy back to the cars and head out on a road trip (See discussion below).

To date, the PAX at F3 _Ambush has only taken one road trip and that was a mosey down to F3_CAT. Since this road trip was widely discussed, we have always discussed making other road trips to expand our range. Thinking along this line, we thought this road trip would help us work on the second F, since no F is more important that the other F.

There was a lot of friendly PAX discussion on the Ambush message board the prior night about the upcoming P200. 4 of the PAX are on teams to compete in the P200 were present when the Q came wheeling into the parking lot Pow Pow style right at 5:00 AM. After a short discussion with the PAX, there was a unanimous decision to make a road trip to the House of Waffle, as no one at Ambush has ever made a bold decision like that at F3_Ambush. This decision was 2nd F’ed a few times, but no one ever HC’ed the House of Waffle and followed through with it. It was only a dream. As of today, this dream is now a reality.

At the House of Waffle, we made sure to work on the 2nd F as we feel that the 2nd F is no more or less important than the 3rd F and also it kind of plays together with the 1st F, just saying.

The PAX also discussed their condolences to both Penny Worth and Paper Jam as they went on road trips of their own and could not participate in the 2nd F at the House of Waffle.

The PAX also determined that Britta had the best order of the day. He had his meal smothered, covered, peppered and buttered and if we have to be honest with ourselves, it was the best looking meal that we have ever seen to come from the House of Waffle.

Now I know that other PAX are going to be jealous when they read this BB, but the good book tells us not to be envious.

The Field of Dreams Q will be postponed to the next Q for Tutu at a date that is currently undetermined.

This entire BB has been approved by the 6 PAX that attended this monumental day.

After the blessing that was prayed by Villa and all portions of every meal was consumed by the PAX, we left a generous tip to the House of Waffle and Meter so graciously paid for everyone’s meal and we thanked him.

Really slowsly back to the parking lot, circle up, count off, name game thingy.

Announcements and Prayer Request

P200 is coming quickly! – Meter – be careful!

Prayer and fist bump it out!