• When: 2018-03-21
  • QIC: Granola
  • The PAX: Long Haul, Tipper, Booby Trap, House (R), B&E, Spackle (R), Nature Boy, Pearl, Fast Casual, Netflix, Swanson, Training Wheels (R), Copay (R), Weekend Special, Bulldog, John Doe, Granola, Hopper, Rebar, Voltron

pre-P200 O&B – Digging Wells

20 Pax for an out and back to Hwy 378 (or 21 minutes and turn around).
Conditions: 48 with a feels-like in the upper 30’s – High Winds

Circle up.
Safety reminder.
count off – 19 pax at the start.

leave Crusade and head left on Hwy 6 toward Hwy 378. There and back is about 4 miles. If you get to 21 minutes before getting to the end of Saluda Springs, head on back. If you get back to the AO with time to spare, head back out for the six. Because this was a final run before the upcoming Palmetto 200 Relay from Lexington to Charleston, may pax were there for one another, but chose to cut the run time short and use this morning as a short shake-out run and time for stretching.

circle up.
count off again – 20 pax to finish.
P200 coming up – teams are looking for fill-in runners 3/23-24
Brew Ruck weekend of 3/30
Cross Ruck Good Friday 3/30
The Mission Annniversary 3/31 8:30am

Prayer Requests:
Dear Diary – going through cancer treatment

Digging Wells

I was listening to the radio yesterday and the guy was giving a talk about his upbringing. His dad worked all week, Monday – Friday, but he found himself asking where his dad was on Saturday’s. Now, he didn’t have to ask too many times before he knew the pattern … His dad had cleared out a section on the floor in his closet and was down on his knees praying to God for his family. This guy is now an adult and works in the ministry. The idea that the guy was driving home is that we drink out of wells that we don’t dig.

If you think about old time communities, most of the people that drink out of the community well are not the people that lived there when the well was dug, they are the current generations of those families that were the original townspeople. But, all of the community, past and present, benefit from that work.

The question I want to leave with you to ponder today is what ‘wells’ are you digging now for future generations, for your children, for your family, that they will be able to drink out of in the future. Are you giving them an example of a solid prayer life, of standing up and doing the right thing when given the opportunity, or do you just walk past it. You know, the things that you do, they are watching. Even when you don’t say something to them, or point it out to them, or they don’t acknowledge it right then, they see it. I think we all recognize how true this is when we see actions in them that aren’t so appealing and realize … they got that from me.

So, let’s make sure we are digging the right wells for our children to drink out of.