• When: 2021-04-08
  • QIC: Kamikaze
  • The PAX: Quisenberry, ET, Wapner, Canseco, Hatchet, PickAxe, Roadhouse, DARPA

Turning Point Welcomes an Old Friend

We have had a good run of guest Qs at TP recently. For that YHC is thankful.

With an opening approaching it seemed like a good opportunity to bring back the Kamikaze. A workout that was run once a month whether it was wanted or not when I started attending TP back in 2018.  A chance to guage progress or evaluate slippage, the kamikaze doesn’t lie. However you score it, you could recall from one month to the next where you were previously. And if you had trouble remembering, Quisenberry kept a spreadsheet.  (Speaking of which, I should look at some of my old scores.)

So at 5 am this past Thursday 8 Pax showed up for what was advertised as a Q by an old friend. When time was called and YHC stepped in to deliver the disclaimer and let the Pax know that the Kamikaze would be the workout, a few nods were noticed. Whether they were nods of approval or nods confirming that the Kamikaze is the old friend that thye expected, YHC was affirmed. We prayed and headed for the field.  

DARPA and Roadhouse recalled the proceedings as a description was given for ET’s benefit, being his first date with the Kamikaze.  Quis, Canseco and Wapner being OGs have run the Kamikaze every way you can imagine.

Some tunes were fired up and we were off for a self induced beat down. 

At 5:40 time was called and we headed back to the flag.  Scoring was described incorrectly and it was suggested that we file out scores away for comparison the next time Kamikaze arrives.

Announcements: LRAH next week

Prayer requests: Kim – Canseco’s coworker, Canseco’s wife, Deebo’s daughter, Spakle, NoShow, Notebook, SlimJim

Devo: was YouVersion verse of the day (unfortunately it was not written down) gist of it was that God has given us all gifts and he intends for us to use them to further his kingdom

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