• When: 080817
  • QIC: Rocking Chair
  • The PAX: Bull, Jenn-Nay, Chum Lee, Wahoo, Hot Stick, Hemmingway, Hops, Brick house, Gangum- R , 4 Balls, Pass Ball, Blowout, Grout, Rocking Chair-R

Tomahawk Edition MARSOC

When my Brother Grout contacted YHC to invite me to Q the Tomahawk Pax, YHC was excited to have the opportunity to finally make the long trip over from the metropolis of Swansea to the Gilbert Metro area.  What YHC forgot was there is no easy or direct way to get there from my location.  Therefore , YHC set the alarm for 3am and consulted the lady in the GPS and started early, just to be sure.  After  some interesting directions, and a couple near misses with a few possums (Possi?)  YHC pulled up at the Tomahawk AO at 4am, with plenty of time to tweet out to the Pax to warm up before they arrive  since they “don’t like to waste time warming up”.   Well… OK then.

1 minute warning, check for FNG’s, Intro., disclaimer, BOM.

Immediately, we start into a 1 mile dead Indian run with 3 burpees in the back before sprinting around to the front.  At completion, jailbreak to the flag and then proceed to Station 1 of the MARSOC to start the workout.

Station 1: 30 Merkins, 30 Air Squats, 30 LBC’s, (after each set, sprint 100+ yards to the stairs at the front of the school and back), 10 Burpees and plank for the 6.  Mosey to Station 2.

Station 2: 30 4ct. Windmills, 30 Merkins, 30 Mountian Climbers, ( 100 yard run after each set and back) 10 Burpees and Plank for the 6.  Mosey to Station 3.

Station 3: 30 4 ct. Flutter Kicks, 30 Merkins, 30 Star Jumps (A REAL Crowd Pleaser), (after each set, 100 yard run and back), 10 Burpees and Plank for the 6.  Mosey to Station 4

Station 4: 30 Supermans, 30 Merkins, 30 4ct. Lunges, 30 Hello Dollies ( after each set run 100 yards and back) 10 Burpees and Plank for the 6.

This Pax is a Beastly bunch and most finished all of the workout before time was called.  Mosey to flag for COT, Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama

Announcements: Stomp the Swamp 5k is 8/26, there is still time to sign up, discount code is F3swamp.

BRR is September 8 and 9.  For those not running , prayers are encouraged for those who are.

Christmas Party 12/15 at The Saluda River club.  more details later.

Prayer requests:  The Flannigan family, unspoken, those for whom we don’t know to pray.

DEVO: What does #CHEECHSTRONG mean?