• When: 2018-12-18
  • QIC: Brick
  • The PAX: Hops, Ra Ra, Gangum, Grout, Brick

Tomahawk BB 12.18.18

One Minute Warning:



The weather: 36

Sorry for the delay, Tomahawk. I wasn’t going to write a BB at all, because similar to what others have suggested, at first thought, it seemed unimportant (and borderline inappropriate) to write about a “workout” considering the crushing magnitude of this tragedy for Digits’ family, friends and FIA sisters. But, as I was browsing through all the BB’s trickling in throughout the day yesterday remembering and honoring Digits, and seeing how resolved the pax at my home AO (Hollow) were in stepping up every way they knew how to support our FIA sisters and Digits’ immediate family, I was quickly reminded, about what we say all the time, “that F3 is truly much more than just a workout”; that we are, first and foremost, a community (family really) that is there for each other, to challenge and to hold each other accountable every day, even beyond what we thought we were capable of,  to be better (Godly) dads and husbands in our homes, as well as servants and leaders in our community, but finally to serve each other in our relationships by hurting together in our losses and celebrating together in our victories.

While, I didn’t know Digit personally, as a member of FIA, I feel sure that she knew of and embodied theses values too, so in that spirit I hope that I am honoring her by writing this for my brothers.

  Mosey 1 warm up lap around parking lot


Run to 1st light pole (20yds) and back, then 2nd light pole (40 yds) and back, adding an exercise each time, laddering up as follows:


Mountain Climbers IC X 15

Merkins X15 OYO

Shoulder Taps X 20 (10 each arm)

Plank Jacks X 10 IC

Burpees X 10 OYO

 Mosey to far end of the parking lot

Line up at first parking spot and Bear crawl/Merkin for 5 parking spots stopping at each line for 2 merkins.

Return to start by Broad jumping back, then 15 Bobby Hurley’s.

Rinse and Repeat this for 2 more rounds, but by adding 2 additional parking spots each time. (total 3 rounds)

Mosey to bottom of hill by the bus entrance for 11’s (decline burpees at the top and Bobby Hurleys at the bottom).

 2 sets in to this is where we learned of the terrible news, at least, in part, and the workout abruptly stopped….

Gangum’s sister received a phone call at home that an “F3 guy had been hit in front of Lexington high”, so she rode up to check her brother.

YHC, having his home AO at the Hollow, knew that Hoist was planning on taking them across #1 to Growler hill. I was sick in the pit of my stomach (literally) running all the way across campus back to our cars with the thought that one of my own guys had been potentially struck by a car. We could not reach anyone immediately, so we just prayed (not knowing who it was or what happened).

Remembering: “Dianne Wells>>36>>Digits”, and continued prayers for her immediate/FIA family.

Please support Digits’ family if you can: