• When: 2018-12-15
  • QIC: Billy Bob and Cornstache
  • The PAX: Cesspool, Wingback, Rocking Chair, Gaston, Fountainhead, Corndog, Venti, Staccato, Rossenbagger, Minon, Rhonda, Billy Bob and Cornstache

On like Donkey Kong

Battle is an experience not matched at any other AO.  It had been a while since YHC had been attended, and 5 minutes into the workout YHC realized how much he’d missed.  Battle guys are not normal human beings.  They’re a little nuts (as is YHC) and crazy loves company.  This past weekend 13 crazies were out for some fun.

Conditions: around 50 and wet

The Thang: Billy Bob lead off.  Indian Run to parking garage.

The parking garage has 3 ramps. 1 burpee and each parking spot line in between ramps. 20 lines on each level. 40 total.

Mosey back to bottom.

Rinse and repeat. Instead of sprinting up ramps, run backwards. Repeat burpees as before. At top of garage COP.

  • Knerkins IC x 10 (a Billy Bob special)
  • Jump Squats IC x 10
  • High Plank
  • Low Plank
  • 30 BBS OYO
  • 30 reverse Crunch OYO
  • Flutter kicks IC x 20

Billy Bob passes off to YHC.  The ramps in the parking garage always remind me of a real life Donkey Kong level.  So we did some Donkey Kong exercises.

First off, 20 rabbit burpees, so we can get in shape and ready to jump some barrels like Mario.

Split into teams of 2.  Race to the top of the ramp: one group doing broad jumps (to practice jumping over the barrels) and the other doing bear crawls (to practice climbing the ladders). Race to the bottom of the ramp: one group doing broad jumps with a squat, and the other doing backwards bear crawls (to practice climbing down the ladders).  Flapjax rinse repeat.  The losing team did 5 rabbit burpees each time.

Gorilla walk up the next ramp (to give the gorilla some love).

Stop twice for 20 OYO skull crushers using the rails (to practice throwing those barrels).

Mosey back to the flag stopping 5 times for catcher squats (no one on base) and 5 rabbit burpees.


  • Has anyone ever notice Donkey Kong has zero Donkey’s in it?
  • Sadly there was no princess at the top of the ramp.  She must have been in another castle (maybe 902AO?).
  • This was a great time.  Especially great to have Wingback and Rocking Chair join us from F3 Lex.
  • Convergence on new years day.  Listen up for details.