• When: 2020-06-16
  • The PAX: Coon Dog, Lizard Man, Floppy Disk, Knowzit, Rocking Chair, Dunphy, Ken Doll, Soaker, Dr. Lovin, Gills, Free Style, Tad Pole, Juice, Bing, Buzzsaw, Ranger, Double Fault, Hash N Rice, Socrates, Ram Rod, Cow Bell, Hemmingway, Rears, Brownie, Julep, Beast Boy, Nick, Lego

The Return Home

The travelling Midland’s Tour was kind enough to come help celebrate the return home.  As usual, the fields were nicely watered.  Floppy Disk would not get on the wet ground.  YHC and Hash N Rice had planned on bringing something special for the return home beatdown.  He borrowed from Coon Dog’s Dad a few extra 20 lbs NG vests.  We only had 12 so the red shirt Midland tour guys had to make up for it with extra reps.  Based upon how fast some of them were, YHC is not sure it was a fair trade.  Oh well.

Also, Kudos to 7 Pax showing up for Stride Light.

THE WEATHER:  Nicest weather anyone could ever hope for in June in SC.


Everyone goes to Hash N’ Rice’s truck to find a vest.  We all get to find out What Dunphy has been talking about all this time.

Mosey over to large soccer field where there are 6 large light poles.

Run Suicides To each light pole.  Every time to get to the starting gate 2 burpees are required (5 burpees if you don’t have a vest).  Going in one direction the exercise is merkins. coming back the exercise is squats.  Every time you come to a light pole stop to perform required number of reps

#1 Light Pole 5 Reps

#12 Light Pole 10 Reps

#3 Light Pole 15 Reps

#4 Light Pole 20 Reps

#5 Light Pole 25 Reps

#6 Light Pole 30 Reps

Still a little bit of time left so bear crawl the field.  Stop at each small light pole for 5 BBSU.  Each light Pole Multiply reps by 5.  Go till time is called.

YHC upper body was smoked.  Hope everyone else was too.


6 Year Anniversary For Shawshank is this Saturday.  At Shawshank 6:00.  Good times are promised.  Some previous AOQ’s have promised to help make you better.


Cheers M.  she is experiencing some dizziness.

Our nation and it’s leaders.


Psalm 91:1  You who sit down in the High God’s presence, say this: “God, you’re my refuge.  I trust in you and I’m safe.”

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