• When: 2019-04-11
  • QIC: Ponzi
  • The PAX: Banjo, Cream Cheese, Blue Rhino, Rumble Strip, Buble, Pennyworth, Ponzi

The Principal and the Block

YHC was honored to make the trip over to see the Detainees and lead them. YHC is grateful that Bar Crawl and Blue Rhino extended the invite, and YHC will make it a regular occurrence to Q these fine pax.

Weather 60ish and clear

The Thang:
Mosey to the courts for a quick warm-up.
15 SSS 4ct IC
10 LBACs 4ct forward – 10 Overhead claps 4ct – 10 LBACs 4ct backward
15 TTT 4ct IC

Mosey to the block pile and then line up at the Principal:
Every round start with 10 decreasing by 1 for every level up and down the principal
Rd1: Hand Release Merkins/run backwards
Rd2: Squats/Farmers Carry your block
Rd3: BBSUs/Block Drag bear crawl
Lunge to the playground and back
Rd3: Block drag merkins/Farmers Carry
60 4ct Flutter Kicks IC
Lunge with block twist
10 8ct Body Builders OYO
Return your block and mosey back to the flag

The Gauntlet continues on
4/27 3rd F 5K

Brodie’s family, Braniac recovering from surgery, Swanson’s dad, Grave Diggers mom, Josephson family and friends,

Praise – After 62 years, Banjo’s mom believes she has found her biological family

Devo: Our eyes can deceive us when they only want to see what they want to see. In crisis, this sometimes prevents us from finding the solution. The good news is that many times the problem contains the seeds of the solution, we just have to open our eyes to it. Don’t be blind, and always try to take a step back and look to see if you are seeing the whole picture.