• When: 4-11-19
  • QIC: Dry Socket + Postal
  • The PAX: Koondog, cowbell, Ken doll, Quisenberry, Hemingway, booster, tater, nick, CBD, pick axe, pop off, iron Mary, giggity, muggy tape, Trickle, moist, cheers, Freon, shake and bake, deadstick, Meter, dozer, fuzzy Naval, mercy rule, gravedigger, natureboy, sidecar, bull dog, boo boo, pea jumper, deadbolt, paper jam, Britta, fry daddy, juice, squatter, soaker, whisper, Shorthaul, Irrev, man bun, lego, overnight, Magellan, buzzsaw, dunphy, overage, Genie, Ranger, kenwood, PT.

Gauntlet Day 4 CAT 5 Backblast

Day 4 of the Gauntlet was everything none of us wanted, a pain train of brutal repetitions, the men of C.A.T. came up with some ”extreme alterations” to the original CAT 5 course and let’s just say it was a gutsy move for the fourth straight day of pain!

Despite the heavy doses of pain that the CAT 5 is known for we had our biggest crowd of the week with 53 PAX!

Heres how today’s tower of terror went down!

Conditions: beautiful and 60

The Thang: welcome prayer, disclaimer.

Fist bump to Dry Socket for the run down and pre game set up!

Props to Moist for some tunes that paper jam said “weren’t loud enough”

half PAX start in stairs. At top 21 squats, + 21 jump squats ( free throws, three pointers, etc)

Run to ground level and grab blocks, 21 napalm’s ( curl, overhead press, skull crusher)

add on rep per lap, rinse and repeat till time!

terrible terrible idea,  but the hurting PAX gave it their best try!

Great work to these men!

Tomorrow we ride to batesburg for the Smoker! Ready for one more good bestdown with the men of smokehouse!

Fist bump to Dozer for a great devo

thabks Shake and Bake for reminding us what to prioritize and pray for.

Remember to Hammer down at home and institute Radio silence at in the evenings, set the phone down and be intentional with your time.

Announcements Lexington f3 third f 5 k raising money for thumbs up and LLS