• When: 2017-11-23
  • QIC: Bellhop
  • The PAX: Brother Si, EZ, Pothole, Uno, Lapdog, Lumbergh, Enos, Gerrymander, Blart, Moose, Chubs, Hokey Pokey, Webber, Boxwine, Uno, Spano, Faulkner, Shakespeare, Soft Toss, JD, Paintchip, Bellhop

The New Depot Thanksgiving Tradition: Flag Football & All of Its Awesomeness

About a week or so ago, YHC spied a blank space on the Q sheet for Thanksgiving.  Fearful there would be an AO closure, the blank was filled in with “Flag Football.”  22 pax responded to the Bat Signal and appeared at Depot at 0630 for some “No Rules, Just Right” Football.  As the title indicates, the game was light with rules, but loaded up with fun.


Low 40’s and dry.  Perfect for football.

Prologue (XL)

Led by Pothole, 4 pax got in some good PT prior to the main event.  The focus was on stretching and being limbered up for the Battle Royale.

Welcome and Disclaimer


SSH (x20)

TTT (x20)

Merkins (25, OYO)

Mosey to the Soccer Field

The Thang

11 (Red) on 11 (Yellow); 4 man rush; no wait on the rush; QB can run at any point; fumbles are live balls.

The first couple of plays from scrimmage led YHC to believe that “No Rules” might have been a bad idea.  EZ on the line is a freight train, BTWs.  However, after a couple of series, the pax settled in and picked up the rush.  With that said, the QBs had their work cut out for them.  There was no settling back in the pocket with plenty of time to find a received.  Instead, it was “hike” and throw ASAP.  There were some pretty tosses this morning.

We played a full hour with both minimal injuries and minimal disputes (We only had one “do over”).  It was a tight game.  Yellow scored with a minute left to tie it up at 5-5.  It was agreed to end the game on a tie with everyone still upright and still talking to one another.

MVPs/Franchise Tags:

Yellow: EZ on D on the line, every play; Chubs with some great plays at QB; Hokey Pokey, Moose & Gerrymander have some wheels as well.  Blart has a pretty awesome swing move off the line too.

Red: Shakespeare with several scores – the boy can run and juke too; Spano with 2 INTs; Enos had some clutch catches; Uno & Lapdog platooning the QB position like champs.


Count-a-Rama/Name-a-Rama/Sharing What You Are Thankful For


Prayer Requests/Prayer

Coffeteria at Hardee’s (5 pax for that)