• When: 2017-11-16
  • QIC: Pondo
  • The PAX: Stretch, Teddy, Oddysey, FroYo, Pampers, FlipShade, SilverBullet, FoxHole, Pipeline, Pondo

Cold Mac&Cheese

10 Pax Celebrated the #Generosity of F3 on the cold, dark gloom.  F3 was challenged to donate boxes of Mac&Cheese for the OGM.  The Mission requested 600 boxes.  F3 delivered over 1,000.  The Woodshed contributed 80 boxes the day before this workout.  So, in honor of the Shed Pax generosity, YHC designed a #Beatdown to include 80 reps of each exercise.


Disclaimer by YHC.

Brief warm up in the parking lot SSH, IW’s, ButtKicks, High Knees, Merkins, Squats & BBSU’s all OYO x 20.

Mosey to the brick cage.  (this took longer than usual because we were locked-in the play ground). 1 block per pax and mosey to the Circus Maximus.  Leave the blocks at one end.  Run to one end of the circus, perform 40 reps of two exercises, then 40 more reps to get to 80, then run back to the other end of the circus to perform 40 reps of two other exercises with block, then 40 more reps.  Then do it again with different exercises.


1st Round: 50% Mosey to end of circus and 80 total reps of SSH and Calf Raises.  50% mosey back and 80 total reps of block merkins and BBSU’s w/ feet in block.

2nd Round: 75% Mosey to end of circus and 80 total reps of low country crabs and Russian Twists.  75% Mosey back and 80 total reps of squats and raise the roofs.


We ran out of time, so we did a 100% Mosey to end and back, grabbed the blocks and carried them back to the cage.

BOM by Pondo

Devo: Remembering the cross and resurrection. YHC Needed something uplifting.

Moleskin: These are generous pax, so much so it literally hurt.

Announcements: Thanksgiving Day Convergence at BrickPile 7:00 am