• When: 2017-11-22
  • QIC: Stay Puff
  • The PAX: Happy Trees, Shankapotomus (Respect), Wino, Doodle, Hollywood and Stay Puff

Pre-Thanksgiving Day Check in on Walmart Run

We certainly give thanks at this time of year and YHC is certainly thankful for this group of F3 brothers. This mornings run was full of mumble chatter regarding the coming day and Black Friday events to follow.  Best of luck to HT he sets out at midnight to conquer Bed Bath,and Beyond… I mean Bath and Body Works  (People have been tarred and feathered for such a mistake) and to Hollywood as he looks to beat Walmart crowd this morning.  

Conditions: 49 Foggy and Moist



The Thang:

Runners headed out Main ST to Hwy 1.  Hung a left on Hwy 245 and then a right on Rawls.  We followed this back across Hwy 1 acknowledging the Chicken Strip but not following.  Made a left on Hwy 23 and then right into Wlamart, circling behind the stores and coming back on Hwy 23.  Made a right at new Burger King and then a left Hwy 1.  From here 2 Pax followed Hwy 1 back to Main St and the Rooster while 2 others pushed further to check on Jackie Hites BBQ and then back to the Rooster.  The “Ruckers 2” enjoyed a stroll through town and we all met back at the Rooster. Then a little mumblechatter on candles!