• When: 2018-07-12
  • QIC: Cheers
  • The PAX: Ponzi, Raft, Taurasi (R), Bing, Buzzsaw(R), Man Bun, Lego, Doo Dah, Milk & Cookies, Quack, Coon Dog, Elmers, Bridesmaid, Notebook, Big Box, Gizmo, Cliffhanger, Dunphy, Beast Boy, Cheers

The Lying Weinke

YHC’s Weinke lied to him. It said that this would be a mostly upper body workout, but wet field conditions caused a modification, producing much more running than anticipated. Apologies to the Reaper folks. Thanks for showing up today either way. Shank had 20 PAX today, much larger than normal. We did get a good upper body workout, but now the legs are trashed too. At least we got better with our brothers in the gloom and nothing could top that, right? Here’s how it went:

Prayer, disclaimer, one FNG (welcome Gizmo)

Gizmo comes to us from Wisconsin and he likes to play golf, along with being Big Box’s neighbor which is sure to be a hobby by itself. He has a gremlin tatto, yes, a gremlin, from the movie Gremlins, thus, Gizmo. His other tattoos have very sentimental meanings so these were off limits.

Conditions: 1,000 degree temp, and even more humid than that, clear

The Thang:

Mosey to top field closest to Gibson Road

SSH x 15 IC
TTT x 15
Imperial Walkers x 15 IC

Line up against fence:
-Bear Crawl to midfield, Merkins x 25 (walk to modify for Reaper folks)
-Bear Crawl all the way to opposite sidewalk, Merkins x 25 (walk to modify)

Mosey to pull up station
-Pull ups x 10
-Dips x 20
-Carolina dry docks x 30
Rinse and Repeat

Mosey to field across the road, inside Shawshank:
-Move to center for Square of pain
-At center do 50 Squats, 25 Derkins, and 25 Werkins, Run the square (sidelines and goal lines).

Mosey to lower field and line up on tree line.
-Lunge to opposite side stop at bottom of the hill (walk to modify)
-Duck Walk up the hill
-Lunge to opposite tree line (walk to modify)

Back to Shelter for Mary:

Flutter kicks x 50 IC

Quote of the day:

“Want to feel bad about yourself? See that guy up there in front of you in the pink hat? Not only is he wearing a pink hat, he’s 60 years old and he’s injured. And he’s beating you? Now do you feel bad about yourself?” -Notebook referencing Uncle Ron

-7/14: Reaper
-7/14: Converge at Shawshank; Vets Home BC afterwards
-7/28: Capital City Ruck Tour in Greenwood
-8/4: Sweet Baby O 5K
-8/25: Stomp the Swamp
-Iron Flag will be the month of August (details to follow)
-11/3-4: Capital City Ruck Tour in Columbia
-11/10: Cheech 10K
-11/17: Harry Bison
-12/1: Wildcat (F3 Lex AO CSAUP)

-Family of Zoot and Gump from F3 Columbia
-Buzzsaw and other injured PAX
-Jimmy V and Family
-Quack’s mother Kaylee having hip surgery
-All unspoken