• When: 2021-03-25
  • QIC: AB
  • The PAX: King James, Papagiorgio, Handlebar, Lizard Man, Dropped Call, Pole Position, Hugo

The Herd cuts down the nets!

8 pax donned their sweatbands and laced up their high tops to take on AB’s Sweet 16 workout at Jumanji on Thursday. Ideal weather for The Herd to take in some March Madness!

Disclaimer and BOM led by YHC

The Thang:

Mosey to canteen

COP:  (All In Cadence)

Windmills x 16

Imperial Walkers x 16

Slow-mo squats x 16

Thru the Tunnel x 16

Lil’ Baby Arm Circles x 16

‘Mercans x 16

Reverse crunches x 16

Flutter kicks x 16

Count off in 1’s and 2’s to establish Team 1 and Team 2

🎶 March Madness Theme Music 🎶

Reveal Sweet 16 Bracket


Team 1 vs. Team 2

Flip coin on each game to determine which team represents each seed.

Heads = Team 1 represents higher seed

Tails = Team 2 represents higher seed

First team to complete all exercises, lap around canteen and all members assume plank position wins and their seed advances.


Sweet 16: (8 games)

16 Squats

8 ‘Mercans

4 Crunches

Lap around canteen

All pax planking


Elite 8: (4 games)

8 Dips

4 Turkish getups

2 Burpees

Lap around canteen

All pax planking


Final Four: (2 games)

4 8-count Man Makers

2 Big Boy sit-ups

Lap around canteen

All pax planking


Championship Game:

32 SSH

16 Squats

8 Dips

4 ‘Mercans

2 Turkish getups

1 8-count Man Maker

1 Burpee

Lap around canteen

All pax planking


Mosey back to parking lot

Victory lap with 🎶 One Shining Moment 🎶 playing


Assemble at Shovel Flag


BOM led by YHC



Good times as always leading one of YHC’s themed workouts. The original Jumanji Sweet 16 workout was inspired by Ginger, one of The Herd’s #RedwoodOriginals. The pax dominated YHC’s revised version of the original workout and exerted great effort. T-claps to Hugo for giving it all he had to ensure Michigan did not advance to the Elite 8!



Herdvergence on April 30 with Jumanji pax Q-ing Urban Legend and Stampede pax leading Stride.


Prayer requests:

No Show, Notebook, Slim Jim: Battling cancer

Handlebar’s mother in law: Battling cancer/chemo treatments

Double Fault: Meniscus repair surgery

Dropped Call: growing team / quality hires

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