• When: 2018-04-16
  • QIC: Chinstrap and Chedda
  • The PAX: Alter Boy, AWOL (R), Banjo, Bar Crawl, Boo Boo, Braniac, Bulldog, Buzzsaw (R), Chedda, Cheers, Chinstrap, Cowbell, Dirty Bird (R), Discharge, Dry Socket, Dunphy, Giggity, Gravedigger, Harp (R), Heisenberg (R), Hemmingway, Hoist, Honeybun (R), Hot 4 Teacher, Iron Mary, Julep, Knozit, Lego, Mercy Rule, Milli Vannilli, Nub, Overnight, Ponzi, Postal, Quisenberry, Ranger (R), Rocking Chair (R), Rook, Six Ft. Under, Stay Puft, Stinkbait, Swanson, Tonka, Whino, Whisper

The Gauntlet (Day One) – The Viper

High 40s and WINDY

Day one of the 2018 Gauntlet started strong with 45 PAX willing to brave the blustery conditions and tackle the many sets of steps, Hand-Release Merkins, American Hammers and Flutter Kicks.

The morning started at the bottom of the Big Boy steps with an explanation of the “course” followed by the one-minute beep test. Before long, everybody was done with the Big Boy Beep Test and off to the rest of the course. Work was done, and aside from a few pesky steps and exercises, it actually turned out to be a pretty nice morning. By the time the lights came on, the PAX were well into this edition of the Viper and just about ready to start the final push. TClaps to several PAX who have been nursing injuries that prevented them from going all out on the course but still made it out with their rucks and/or weighted vests to be a part of the fun! Their presence was a YUGE part of a successful kickoff of the 2018 Gauntlet.

* Tomorrow we head to Turning Point – home of The Kamikaze – for Day Two. Starts at 0500. Be there about five minutes early.

* Dear Diary – cancer treatment
* Moist’s sister and family – baby girl still fighting
* Braniac’s wife – follow-up CT and oncology appointment
* Taurasi’s sister-in-law