• When: 04162018
  • QIC: Pipeline
  • The PAX: Serena, Heidi, Beacon, Pondo (#Kotters), Holy Poker, Cap Gun, Chewy, Bidet, Crab Daddy, Pipeline

OG Assault on #MountHampton

Back in the early days of #Stumble, when men were men and MAF was barely a gleam in @Holy Poker’s eye, Mondays were for shredding hills. YHC decided to call a throwback route to kick off #BirthdayQWeek.

Conditions: 45 and blustery

The Thang:

Alt text

Olde Knight > Chambly > Queens Way > Old Woodlands > Garners Ferry > #HamptonHill > Kilbourne > Wildcat > #Wetherill > Hampton Hill > Kilbourne > Wildcat > #MOM > Garners Ferry > OId Woodlands > Queens Way > Chambly > Olde Knight (5 miles)


Devo and BOM by Beacon


  • #Cobains to any MAFers who opted out of the hillwork. You are excused. YHC assumes the rest of you that didn’t post went for more hills at #Bullseye.
  • Nice job by the #RearGuard @Chewy and @Bidet today. Steadily getting faster.
  • YHC was all set to brag about posting the first #Stumble backblast in ages and then found @Heidi’s VQ BB from Friday. Well done grasshopper. #KeepEmComing


  • Check out #Armory, Wednesdays 0500 at DHS. YHC has your Q this week.
  • Runvergence at #Ramble, Friday 0530. Come donate money for @Betamax’s kidney donor expenses.
  • F3 Lexington 3rdF 5K on May 5. Proceeds go to @Mac’s Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Man of the Year campaign team.
  • #Stumble / #Woodshed / #Legion invasion of #TheMission coming up this summer.

Pipeline out.