• When: 2018-02-13
  • QIC: Shine
  • The PAX: Britta, PaperJam, Pennyworth, Juice, Squatter, Sawdust, Dunphy, Muggy Tape, Liability (Respect)

The Gang Dozers through Shine

YHC was knee deep in his Monday night nightcap when he received a call the man himself Dozer. With no time to plan the Q would have to be dreamt up. 10 PAX who thought they were in for a Dozer show were greatly surprised with YHC shenanigans.

Conditions: 47 and Windy

Disclaimer and Prayer.

Mosey to the front side of the school grounds to avoid the wind chill. At Ambush the wind chill is everywhere. Circle up for a quick warm up.

SSH X  15 IC


Windmill X 13 IC

Suicide  (No PAX were harmed during BC)

Mosey to the light poles and line up.

Suicide runs – The pax runs from point A to Point B then back to Point A, and From Point A PAX run past Point B to Point C… So on and so forth.

PAX looked like YHC just explained Einstein’s relativity theory. So they followed YHC on the suicide Merkins.

Suicide Merkins 

First Pole 5 Merkins

Second Pole 5 Carolina Dry Docks (YHC is from the North, Apparently there are two different styles of Dry Docks)

Third Pole 5 Ranger Merkins

Fourth Pole 5 Crusade Merkins

Suicide Squats 

First Pole 10 squats

Second Pole 10 Jumpshot Squats

Third Pole 10 FIA squats

Fourth Pole 10 lunge squats

Block Party

Mosey to Block Pile, and block up. Quick Mosey under breezeway.

Curls for the Girls X 15 IC

Overhead Press X 15 IC

Block Squat X 15 IC

The People to Peoples Chair

People to People Chair – PAX stand back to back and lock arms and sit down into a people’s chair using the other PAX as your wall to lean against.

People to People chair   1 minute

Big Boy Sit-Ups X 20 OYO

Not So Lazy-Boys – 1 minute

Curls for the Girls X 15 IC

Tricep Extension X 10 IC

Put up the blocks and Mosey back to SF for Mary.

Flutter kicks X 15 IC

Hello Dollys X 10 IC


Flutter Kicks X 20 IC



True to Brew 4/21

Dam to Dam relay 2/24

P200 3/23-3/24

Carolina Reaper 7/14

Prayer Requests: