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The Castle, Court in Session

QIA: Wannabe

The PAX:  High Stick, Katniss, Special K, Toy, Turnpike, Wham!

Workouts at The Castle have gradually intensified this year with last week reaching a peak (Armistice).  Monday of this week was no less intense with the extensive use of Monkey Humpers at the top of the hill.  A command decision was made by todays QIA to hold court at the Castle. 

Conditions: 37F with 51% Relative Humidity, Beautiful Weather

Opened with a Disclaimer

Warmup was performed, side straddle hop, in thru the tunnel, baby arm circles, big boy sit ups, calf stretches, followed by merkins

The PAX retrieved bricks and proceeded to Court #1

4 sessions of brick work were performed with suicide, Lungs, laps, fence sitting performed in-between each session. 

Session 1: Plank Position Pass Thru, Raise the Roof, Tricep extension

Session 2:  Skier (Cadence messed up), Kettle Bell, Curls

Session 3:  Curls, Bench Press, Bangle (Love Shack)

Session 4: Curls, Tricep Extension, Bench Press, Bangle, Kettle Bell, Skier, Raise the Roof, Squats

Ended with 2.5 laps, Court out of session, and back to the circle. 

COT: Counterama, Nameo-rama, announcements, Prayer, Done. 

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