• When: 2020-11-17
  • QIC: Katniss (R)
  • The PAX: Oboe, Ebert, Emmy, TD, PETA, Hoboken, Farmer, Katniss (R), Pups(R), Deadstick (R),Brainiac, Finch, Sauerkraut

Murder Bunny Ladders



Conditions 45°.

No fng’s


Mosey to the block pile grab a block , circle up for some warm up exercises. Then line up on the goal line of the field and do the following.

5 , 10 , 15, murder bunnies


Matched by an exercise 5,10,15, reps


Perform 5 murder bunnies then five exercises. Then 10 + 10 then 15 + 15. Start the process all over with the next exercise. That would be 30 of each exercise along with 30 murder bunnies. These are done moving up and down football field.


Mtn climbers 2ct on block

Plank Jacks on block

Knees to block (tucks)

90 murder bunnies total  each cycle 

Along with 30 of each exercise 


Sit ups

Block OH iron crosses

Block OH press crunches


Squats w block 

Block Thrusters 

Monkey humpers


Block Curls

Triceps w blocks

OH press w blocks 


Murder bunnies are always, well, murder.  But the men pushed through. 

Great work men!



Trash pick up coming up keep eye on DM board

Order Snakepit shirts soon 

Thanksgiving Q is Bunkbed but may need to be UF due to Thanksgiving 

Hairy Bison unofficially runs 21st  7am


Brainiacs coworkers daughter 

PETAs son health 

Fleas goddaughter and daughter 

Steamers son/  family 

All spoken and unspoken requests 

Heres something to ponder.  I pulled it from an article. Thankful I have friends like you to help hold my arms up. Together we are stronger. 

In Exodus 17 the Israelites were encountering their first opposition while wandering in the desert. The Amalekites, a group of nomadic raiders, attacked the people of Israel. While Joshua led the troops into battle, Moses, along with Aaron and Hur, watched the battle from a nearby hill. Exodus 17:11 reads, “So it came about when Moses held his hand up, that Israel prevailed, and when he let his hand down, Amalek prevailed.” Eventually, Moses became weary, and so Aaron and Hur responded by holding up his arms until the Israelites were able to finally defeat the Amalekites.

Often, when we think of the leadership of Moses, our minds are flooded with images of his heroic deeds. Moses the statesman, confronting the Egyptian pharaoh and negotiating the release of God’s people. Moses the shepherd, leading the Israelites through the Sinai Desert. Moses the conduit of God’s miracles, stretching out his hand to part the Red Sea. Moses the legislator, descending Mount Sinai with two stone tablets containing God’s laws. But Exodus 17 reveals to us another aspect of Moses’ leadership: the willingness to accept the assistance of others.

One of the common temptations in leadership is succumbing to the pressure of having to “have it all together.” We may be tempted to hide our fears and weaknesses, feeling that we need to be strong for others. We may find it difficult to trust others with our insecurities and doubts, believing that this would somehow compromise our integrity as leaders. Such tendencies are rooted in our cultural ethic of self-reliance, and they can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation that will ultimately handicap our effectiveness in ministry. To truly grow as leaders, we must, like Moses, be willing to embrace the support of trusted friends and advisors.

Your brother, 


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