• When: 2021-04-20
  • QIC: Katniss (R)
  • The PAX: Brainiac, Emmy,Ebert, Ralphie, Bunkbed, Deadstick(Rx2), Pups(Rx2),Chinstrap, Honeybun (R),Katniss (R), Hoboken, Farmer,Rosie

The 4/20

Conditions 54F

Disclaimer not a professional

No FNGs 

COT and prayer 

Pledge of Allegiance

Mosey Down The Big Boy stairs to the field.

Circle up

Since YHC is 52 years old today I started the pax off with 52 side straddle hops 4 count in Cadence. Some made it, some did not.

5 merkins 4ct
2 burpees

5 squats 4ct
2 burpees

5 windmills 4ct
2 burpees

5 TTT 4ct
2 Burpees

52 flutter kicks 


Line up on the goal line
100 yrds of Burpee broad jumps
4 burpee broad jumps then
20 SSHs single ct, amount of side straddle hops you do depends on how short or long your jumps are. Keep it moving great to keep the heart rate high.

Plank for the six

100 yrds of lunge walking
6 lunge walks

9 monkey humpers. Again your lunge effort and distance will dictate how many sets of monkey humpers you do

Plank for the 6

50 2 s 
Up and down the BBS repeated twice each time perform
At top do 50 flutter kicks single ct

At bottom do 50 mtn climbers single ct

LBACs in cadence until the 6 comes in. 6 then leads pax in 50 more mtn climbers (unless he does them 4ct style and we do 100 🤨)

Up the big boy stairs backwards to really hit the quads

At top wall sit for 1 minute to finish the quads off

Mosey to flag for Arnold Fondas 10 4ct IC via Ebert  for my birthday. 


Wings and Ale Lexington monday next week 630 all you can eat wings 2F

Trash pick up in May

Mission donations

Thumbs up requests for track Commanders at upcoming speed for need run/race


Slim Jim and family 



Chinstrap unspoken 

Another pax in F3 struggles with family issue unnamed 

PETA son health

Steamer and family 

Missing Pax(fart sackers)

All spoken and unspoken throughout F3 nation 


Thank you men for supporting me and each other . Great group. 

Your brother 



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