• When: 2019-01-08
  • QIC: Valdez
  • The PAX: Haggle, Pharmateer, Gepetto, Rudder, Ikea, Cheesesteak, Snowden, Valdez, The Beast

Tabata + F3 workout deck = no arms

YHC was back in the gloom for the 1st Q of 2019 and was looking for something different to bring to the pax. F3 workout Deck had been used a few time since receiving it as a wonderful Father’s Day gift from the eldest 2.0.  YHC has never lead a tabata style beat down and the thought was born to merge the 2 into the thang. Away we went with a slight modification along the way. Original plan was to burn through 8 exercises in each group (arms, legs, cardio, core) but after a few arms in a row it was determined that form was going to be gone by the end and thus exercises were blended.


Mosey to pick up block and move to field


SSH x 20 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

LBAC x 10 IC each way

Squats x 20 IC

Big boys x 10 OYO (or OTW for IKEA)

Mosey to tennis courts for tabata. First time YHC has used electronics during a Q and fortunately the Bluetooth fought through the gloom and connected perfectly.

AMRAP x 45 sec, 15 sec rest. 30 sec rest between rounds.

Round 1


Hand clap merkin

Dip on block

Arm circles

Lunge walk

Side squat

Calf raise

Low/Slow squat

Round 2


Bear crawl

Plank jack


Freddie mercury

High plank

Side crunch

Low plank

Round 3

Monkey Humper

Jump Lunge

Smurf jack


Hand release merkin

Incline merkin on block

Decline merkin on block


Round 4



WWII sit-up

Shoulder Tap




High Knees


Welcome Snowden from Summerville.


Ruck and run groups Wednesday