• When: 2019-01-08
  • QIC: Buttermaker
  • The PAX: Nature Boy (R), Hopper (R), Shades of Grey, Spackle (R), Shake n Bake, Itchy (R), Breaker Breaker (R), Mid Range (R), Tumbler, Buttermaker (R)





Mosey to FB field

11 SSH IC, Elvis’ first guitar 11 years old

12 TTT IC, asked to sing on radio when he was 12 years old, too shy

14 IW IC, Priscilla’s age when they met

18 LBAC IC F, then R, 18 years old paid $4 to make first album for his mom’s b’day present

31 LBCs IC, number of takes to record Hound Dog

31 squats OYO, number of movies in which he was an actor

Teams of 3, 1 pax on each side of the field while another pax runs across field, switch, rinse and repeat. Complete the following:

Home side:

100 merkins x 2, 100 diamond merkins x 2, 100 hand release merkins x 2,

55 burpees x 2, 50 T-plank merkins

Visitors side:

600- LBCs, 600 flutter kicks, 50 4 ct AH, 50 Iron Cross, Hold 6” until teammate returns

50 counts are for the concert played in 1960 at no charge &  he donated $50k to finish USS Arizona Memorial

55 counts are for the $55k he paid for the Potomac (FDRs floating Whitehouse) later donated to St. Jude

100 counts are for the $100k he paid for Graceland in 1957

600 counts are for the 600 songs he recorded (did not write any)


In the 1960s, Elvis had lost popularity because of the Beatles, Rolling Stones and others. He walked down a busy street in Los Angeles in the late 60s and nobody recognized him. He decided to do a television special and that relaunched his career.

YHC can’t help but think that Elvis’ life would have been better had he not got career going again. Be careful what you wish for!


Fuel Open tomorrow

Shades has Q on Thursday

Reaper on Friday

Prayer request:

Digit’s family

Shade’s co-worker’s friend died during childbirth w/ twins. Twins are healthy. There is a 19 month old sibling. Pray for the dad and 3 kids.

Prayer by Shades of Grey