Late but here

YHC reporting late for duty. Thursday’s backblast made it up before this backblast of Tuesday’s fun times. Here’s the rundown disclaimer and kotters to Ikea Mosey round the rec building and back to shovelflag  IKEAs favorite starting spot COP SSH x 50 Squats x 16 Merkins x 8 LBAC x 8 each way Merkins x …

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Field and Dice

YHC awoke from the massive #beatdown from Cesspool at Labor Day Convergence and had thoughts of bringing same Q to the pax that didn’t take the drp on Labor Day. Then YHC remembered the mantra “don’t Q it if you can’t do it” and opted for a new plan. Disclaimer mosey to dark center of …

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Keep ’em movin’

YHC arrived late to pre-run but early enough for boot camp to get the wheels turning on a quality beatdown. The extra time meant bad news for the pax and our FNG. Disclaimer was given and off we go. Patterns have developed among the Q’s and I wanted to mentally challenge the pax. Mosey in …

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