• When: 2018-09-04
  • QIC: Valdez
  • The PAX: Rudder (respect), Ikea (respect), Pharmateer, Gepetto, Ramjack, Cottontail, Vespa, Valdez

Field and Dice

YHC awoke from the massive #beatdown from Cesspool at Labor Day Convergence and had thoughts of bringing same Q to the pax that didn’t take the drp on Labor Day. Then YHC remembered the mantra “don’t Q it if you can’t do it” and opted for a new plan.


mosey to dark center of field opting for a new spot to get the minds wondering what may be in store for the gloom



Arm Circles – both ways

Big Boys – ant pile free for all pax

Ray Charles


Mosey to school parking lot to start the THANG

Using marked parking spaces – mosey forward 2 spaces, burpee, backward mosey 1 space, 5 SSH. Repeat pattern up to the 10th set.

Mosey to back football field that hasn’t seen a mower since before we started “MAGA”

Partner 1 – AMRAP squats

Partner 2 – mosey across field, cusak block back.  Flapjack

P1 – AMRAP merkins

P2 – mosey over, 20 curls with block. Flapjack

P1 – AMRAP big boys

P2 – mosey over, 20 cusak squats. Flapjack

P1 – AMRAP ssh

P2 – mosey over, 5 blockees. Flapjack

all pax lunge walk across field

backwards run to other side of field.

Return to parking lot

Bearcrawl 1 space and then “Electric Burpee” to bring some DT flare to the NE. Continue pattern forward to count of 5.

Return to AO for some dice work

Dice 1 – 3,5,10,15,20,25

Dice 2 – Squats, Lunges, Big Boys, Merkins, Burpees, LBC

Endless possibilities to finish up boot camp.

Strong work by pax who took on drp and gotbetter.