• When: 2019-02-12
  • QIC: Valdez
  • The PAX: IKEA, Rudder, Gepetto, Cheesesteak, Snowden, Betty Crocker, The Beast, Whodat

Late but here

YHC reporting late for duty. Thursday’s backblast made it up before this backblast of Tuesday’s fun times. Here’s the rundown

disclaimer and kotters to Ikea

Mosey round the rec building and back to shovelflag  IKEAs favorite starting spot


SSH x 50

Squats x 16

Merkins x 8

LBAC x 8 each way

Merkins x 8

Big Boys x 8

Mosey to baseball field parking lot

Mosey 2 spaces forward, do exercise, backwards run 1 space, do exercise………..until end of lot

Round 1 – SSH x 5, Merkins x 5

Round 2 – SSH x 5, Squats x 5

Round 3 – SSH x 5, big boys x 3 ending with Turkish getup

Mosey back to tennis court

4 stop suicide with increasing double leg burpee.

Mosey round to block pile

Variety of reps – chest press, curls, squats, side lunge, big boys, Vups

return to shovel flag

big boys, Russian twist, chaser LBC, Freddie mercury, LBC