• When: 2019-02-14
  • QIC: Misfire
  • The PAX: Venti, Sheets, Prom, Plea, Kitty, Billy Bob, Precious, Misfire

V-Day Special at Swampfox

Can’t think of a better way to start off the gluttony and excess of Valentines Day than a trip to the gloom with 8 of your closest brothers in fitness, fellowship, and faith.  Work was done and fun was had.  Venti took 1stplace in the ranting/complaining/mumblechatter department, but what else is new?  Well done sir.  The PAX at Swampfox need to start speaking up or all you are going to hear is that blow hard every workout.  Just a small piece of advice from a sometimes cantankerous old-timer.  Finally, T-claps to Precious for getting back into the gloom. He started 4 years ago this very day (think I heard Woodshed), had some injury issues, made a move nearby the AO, and decided it was time to get back at it.  We hope to see you again soon man.  Now go put some bad guys in jail…

Conditions – 32 degrees, mild

The Thang

Swift warm-up lap around the parking lot

Burpee merkin ladder – 1 burpee with 1 merkin at the bottom, 1 burpee with 2 merkins, etc, up to 1 burpee with 10 merkins #crowdpleaser

Side straddle squat ladder – 1 4 ct SSH with 1 squat, 1 4 ct SSH with 2 squats, etc, up to 1 4 ct SSH with 10 squats

Big boy Russian twist ladder – 1 big boy sit-up with 1 4 ct Russian twist, 1 big boy with 2 4 ct Russian twists, etc, up to 1 big boy with 10 4 ct Russian twists #bigcrowdpleaser #damnnearimpossibletocompletewithoutabreak

Mosey to the basketball courts

1st bball suicide – baseline, near free throw line, half court, far free throw line, far base line – running forward

25 squats

2nd bball suicide – same lines – running backward the entire time

25 4 ct Russian twists

3rd bball suicide – same lines – running forward going out, backward coming in

100 LBCs #feeltheburnKitty

Mosey to the tennis courts

1st tennis suicide – touch every line of both courts side by side and also the fence at the end – running forward

25 merkins

2nd tennis suicide – same lines – running backward the entire time

25 squats

3rd tennis suicide – sames lines – running forward going out, backward coming in

25 abs (Russian twists maybe?)

Mosey to the field

4 corners – run sidelines forward, run end lines backward, 25 merkins at each corner

Mosey to Hamburger Hill

5 hill sprints

Mosey back to COT

3 min ab finisher – hold low plank for as long as you can, burpees if you give in to the pain, most got to at least 1 min 30 secs, some past 2 mins, 3 made it the entire time



BOM – Prayer


Good bit of running today. Heavy on the legs and abs.  Sneaky shoulders with all the merkins.  Excited to get to use the basketball and tennis courts since we don’t have those at Hammer.  Same for the field.  May have done more there if it was dryer.  Good effort from the PAX.  Hope to be back soon!


  • Convergence at Spur (Sol Blatt PE Center at USC) on 4/6/19 (get your facts straight Nantan!), more details to come
  • Dressed for Success mentoring program is looking for volunteers, see your AOQ or Billy Bob
  • More prayers for Kim Leighton as she is back in the hospital and moving up the heart transplant list
  • Hope everyone enjoyed their Valentines Day!