• When: 2022-06-16
  • QIC: Katniss (R)
  • The PAX: Slim Fast, Bunkbed, Brainiac, Emmy, Finch, Deadstick (Rx2),Pups (Rx2),Honeybun (R), PETA, Ralphie, Katniss (R)

Sweet 16s for the 16th

Conditions 74F

No FNGs 




Mosey to block pile and go to short set of stairs

At the bottom of the stairs start with one block burpee, one curl , and one OH press.

Proceed up the stairs

At the top of the stairs perform Bolt 45s. As in Usain Bolt the Olympic runner. Perform 15 half squats top to halfway down. Then perform 15 squats from the halfway position to all the way down. Then perform 15 full squats.

Return to the bottom of the stairs. Run to end of track. Approximately 60m and do 16 LBCs run back to stairs and….

repeat the cycle adding one additional rep to the bottom exercises and taking away one rep at the top until the numbers are reversed.

Return blocks and mosey up big boy stairs to the shovel flag. 

Count o rama and name o rama. 


Raising money for Da Bears son and family 


As spoken by the pax 

Unspoken prayers 

Great work men! 



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