• When: 2017-10-24
  • QIC: Fool's Gold
  • The PAX: Pothole, MIB, Blow, Bumblebee, Hamburgler, Box Wine, Coppertone, Switch Hitter, Neck Brace, Moose (FNG), Laettner, Devito, Chubs, Nutmeg, Crouton, Soft Toss, Elian, Tramp Stamp, Blart, Buddy Love, Coon Dog, Stagecoach, Arrears, Turkey Burger, Clarice, Fool's Gold (Q)

Bricks, Bonsai, and Banzai!


A brisk 53 degrees (Fall is here!), slightly moist from yesterday’s rains.  Moon in waxing crescent, approximately 20% illumination.  Negligible pollen count.

Circle Up, Disclaimer, Warm Up

SSH x 19 IC

Calf Raises x 16 IC

Squats x 16 IC

TTT x 16 IC

IW x 16 IC

OAC x 16 IC

Gilad’s Pelvic Tilts x 4 IC

……..a little foreshadowing here  19 SSH + 80 other warm ups + 4 Pelvic Tilts = 1984

The Thang

After a thorough toe to head warm up (including the oft-neglected pelvis, thanks to a few of Gilad’s famous Pelvic Tilts #crowdfavorite), the Pax were eager to kick some ass and were divided up into teams of two.  The group took the scenic route down the hill to the access road and back to the brick pile where some chose wisely (“normal” bricks) and others did not (“oversized” bricks that appear to have been left over from a now extinct race of giant masons).

The #menofdepot then congregated in the parking lot for further instruction by YHC.  We entered the intellectual part of the workout (it was supposed to be the evening wear part of the Q, but YHC misread his Weinke….negative T-claps to the QIC) where the Pax were informed of the significance of the number of reps of the warm up (1984).   YHC quizzed the Pax on the best movie of that cruel, cruel summer of 1984.  Our astute (and coincidentally the President of the Midlands Chapter of the Bananarama fan club) AOQ Stagecoach quickly identified The Karate Kid as the movie in question (T-claps to Stagecoach on his astuteness and taste in movies).  Thus The Karate Kid themed workout began…..

Pax #1 ran from the parking lot to the bottom of the hill where he did one burpee and one squat jump before returning to flapjack with Pax#2 who was doing exercises (described below).  Pax#2 would then run to the bottom of the hill, burpee, squat jump, rinse and repeat.

Miagyi Merkins Phase 1 (21 wax on/21 wax off) – do a merkin, move right hand in clockwise circle motion (wax on), that’s one; do a merkin move left hand in counterclockwise circle motion (wax off), that’s two;

Miagyi Merkins Phase 2 (Sand the Floor – 42 total) – do a merkin, move right hand in counterclockwise circle motion, that’s one; do a merkin move left hand in clockwise circle motion, that’s two;

Cobra Kai Chops (42 inside/42 outside) – like superman punches, with either an outside or inside chop, alternating right and left;

Upon finishing, the Pax took a lap and planked on the six.  T-claps to Pothole for leading Pax in alternating right and left arm planks while YHC was gathering the congregation for further instruction on the next part of the workout.

Paint the fence (42 right arm/42 left arm) – assume proper horse stance with a brick in each hand, raise and lower each arm in front of you alternating reps between right and left;

Brick punches (42 right arm/42 left arm) – assume proper horse stance with a brick in each hand, do straight punches with each arm alternating reps between right and left;

Crane technique shoulder flyes (42 right leg/42 left leg) – bricks in each hand, perform shoulder flyes while balancing on one leg.

Run another lap around the track, return bricks to blockpile, circle up in parking lot for some Mary.

Merkins x 12 IC

Flutter kicks x 12 IC

LBCs x 13 IC

Burpees x 4 OYO

The Pax then congregated at the shovel flag – count-a-rama, name-a-rama, announcements (including FNG naming), and BOM.


Welcome FNG Travis Goings – Moose!     likes baseball>knuckleball>moose knuckle>Moose!     Give him a follow at @travis_goings    #firstbell

Stagecoach collecting $5 to purchase mac n’ cheese for Oliver Gospel Mission collection, see Stones twitter posts for more details on what these guys are putting together to help feed the hungry in our area.  Bring your $5 on Thursday.  T-claps to those who’ve already contributed.

Go Leo Go 5k is on Saturday Oct 28th (this weekend!).  Sign up and run if you are around, great race for Ms and 2.0s as well.    https://www.runhard.org/pages/race-leo.php

Neck Brace reminded us all that the Stagger run group is on Wednesdays at 0530 just across the street at Ballentine Elementary.   Come out to get better.  Run group will help you in boot camps.  #ISI


Is The Karate Kid the best movie of 1984…probably.  Is it the best of the 80’s…..potentially.  Is it the best movie of all time…..definitely (suck it Avatar and Titanic).  YHC is happy that after all these years F3 has created a vehicle for him to put his brown belt in Tae Bo to use and help some Pax get better.  YHC feels the #menofdepot are now ready to fly to SoCal, work on the honey-do list of some old Okinawan handy man, and demonstrate the skills and fortitude to woo a 1980’s (or 2017) era Elizabeth Shue (cue the Pelvic Tilts!).

In all seriousness, I could wax (on or off) poetically about the parallels of The Karate Kid and F3, but I will spare those who’ve read this far.  I’ll close by thanking the men of F3 for continuing to push me and each other to get better and do better.  It has been a great 7 months of F3 for me thus far, not only personally, but watching the HIM continuing to improve…..training for runs, losing weight, and just getting better overall physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  I’m looking forward to more to come!  BANZAI!!!!!! #ISI


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