• When: 2019-05-02
  • QIC: Swayze
  • The PAX: Belding, Babe, Pole Cat, Tongue and Groove, Shank, Pull Out, Happy Trees, Stay Puff, FNG Putz, Wilson,

Swayze’s Bday Stache Workout

I was running a little late this morning since my M was finishing up at the gym but got there just in time. The first thing I noticed when I arrived was Big B and Little B were not there and figured they would jump out of the bushes while we were running. Shank was trying to get brownie points saying that my new found “stache” was a keeper and Wilson couldn’t stop staring at in jealousy since he can’t grow any facial hair. We did the BOM and headed out to the track to get our blocks. Once we arrived back in the circle we proceeded to do the side straddle hop. We did it 35 times and everyone was glad that it wasn’t Matlock’s birthday or we would still be there doing them. As we were finishing up there HT decided to show up with a FNG. We then ran around the track and stopped 5 times and did 7 merkins each time. Once we were back at the blocks we did a special exercise that everyone loves, LBAC 35 times forward and 35 times in reverse. We then grabbed cinder blocks in each hard and walked around the track with them stopping 5 times and doing sets of 7 burpees. Well I did most of the burpees besides the last one and Pull Out decided to call me out. We then proceeded to do 35 curls for the girls then ran around the track stopping 5 times and doing 7 sets of squats. Once we arrived back at the starting position we did 35 LBAC forward and then Stay Puff could barely keep his arms up and asked me if it was about time that I should be passing out. We then proceeded to do 15 merkins, then 35 LBAC reverse then 20 merkins to complete the 35, I figured we could give our arms a rest and did 35 over head claps and it was about time so we took the blocks back to the pile and mosied back to the flag. We had a few minutes left so we did some Freddie Mercury’s in honor of my bday stache and Stay puff finished us off with 5 more burpees. We did the numbers and stated our names and we had an FNG. He said he has been working out at the park and has already lost 75 lbs which is very impressive and glad that he decided to join us. He said some weird looking guy with a bald head named Putz said that we had a workout and he should join us. He works with wood and since Tool Time and Woody were taking he decided that since Putz was such a good name, that is what he shall become. It was a great workout and if you missed it, you missed some great mumble chatter. We missed having Caboose and Hollywood out there and hoping they will get back out there soon along with the others who haven’t been there in a while that were regulars. We ended with a Prayer and thanking the Lord for all our blessing and continue to keep Doodle and SK in our prayers.