• When: 2018-08-11
  • QIC: The Disc, really.....
  • The PAX: Phoenix, Snookie, Scribble, Sauerkraut, Button, Hoboken, Farmer, Harp (Respect)

Stride with a Disc

The numbers have been a little down at Snakepit recently with baseball, summer winding down and various other things in life, so this weeks UF was looking a little light as we approached our start time.  A few pax came in hot at the 1 minute warning and gave us enough for a track meet version of Frisbee.

The teams counted off and somehow most of the older guys ended up on the same team against the skinny young fast guys.  Team fossil ran out to an early lead by going old school, option offense, Wing T etc, much to the surprise of the young bucks.  Team Millennial rallied strong in the 2nd half and much more of a game of it, but a few more late scores by the old guys extended the lead.  While there was no official scoreboard, this is based on YHC best recollection.


Snookie, Sauerkraut, and Phoenix made some really athletic catches

Sauerkraut and Snookie can throw some lasers.

Late in the game a lot of the older Pax switched to a zone defense, whether was someone in their area to cover or not, that’s where they stayed.

Farmer and Hoboken are sneaky fast on defense.

Scribble and Button both had pretty incredible scoring catches off throws from YHC.  Had there been scouts in the area, YHC feels like he would be in the bigs right now.

New Button and old button.  There was a bit of contact on  some throws, but since we’re big boys at Snakepit, we shake hands and keep playing.  New Button is a lot calmer.  Old Button, well, you wouldn’t like old Button.  There are no penalty minutes at this AO.

Shuffle back to the flag



Annoucements:  Stomp the S/wamp 8/25

Snakepit adopt a highway on 8/25

Prayers:  Safe travels Emmy and family

Brainiac’s surgery

6ft Under

Icarus heading off to college soon

Eberts’ Dad