• When: 2019-08-22
  • QIC: Chinstrap, Honeybun, Tinkle, Emmy, Harp
  • The PAX: Emmy, Chinstrap, Bunkbed, KenDoll, Kukoc, Brainiac, Finch, Hoboken, McCafe, Katniss (Respect), Pups (Respect), Deadstick (Respect), Tinkle, Tonka, Honeybun (Respect) Ebert, Harp (Respect), Awol (Respect), Farmer, Sauerkraut, Grout.

Snakepit’s 5 year Anniversary

Days like today don’t roll around very often.  I mean sure, its usually hot and sucky in in August, but that’s normal in famously hot Columbia, that’s not the reference.  Roughly 5 years ago (8/19/2014 to be exact) a group of men gave up the pretty grass and black pellets of their AO and launched a new AO way out at White Knoll high school, soon to be named Snakepit.  This morning 21 Pax, including 3 that posted for the launch, slid out of the fartsack and assembled under the lights for a celebratory beatdown.  Since Snakepit has had 5 AOQ’s in its’ lifetime, YHC only thought it was appropriate that each of the men got some time to deliver their version of pain.

1 minute warning


Opening prayer

Conditions; 75 and muggy

The thang:

Mosey to the wide stairs and circle up:

Warm up by Harp


TTT 10 iC

IW 10 IC

Apparently some pax thought YHC butchered the exercise call and cadence, but it was just a flashback to the early days when we didn’t know what we were doing.  It wasn’t because YHC was trying monitor the time so each Q had full time.  Each Q would have 8 minutes

Chinstrap Q (3 minute rambling explanation and ciphering)

choices of exercise to make 1825 reps

SSH 25-50

Flutter kicks 25-50

Run up and down the stairs worth 60 x 12 +43/¼+∞, at least that’s what is sounded like.

Everyone just ran up and down the stairs and did the exercises at the top and bottom.

Honeybun Q

Line up on the goal line, sprint to the opposite goal line and complete 100 exercises

Rinse and repeat.  Exercises were




Tinkle Q

partner up, each partner pair completes:

Wheel barrow up the stairs, with 5 merkins on each of the 5 landings

by the pull up bars,

10 pullups

10 burpees

10 plank hip twists

Emmy Q

line up on the goal line, shoulder to shoulder, no man left behind

hook elbows and the group performs BBSUs on the Q’s call

plank shoulder to shoulder

On Q’s call, perform 1 merkin and side crawl to the left. rinse and repeat 10 times

Rinse and repeat 10 more times moving to the right

Harp’s Q

mosey to the wide stairs

Backwards up the stairs, perform 5 Monkey humpers at the top, bear crawl down the stairs (5 flights), perform 5 Iron crosses at the bottom

Rinse and repeat, each time drop one rep and one landing

And we are done, mosey back to the flag.

Announcements:   Trash pickup this saturday, meet at 8:30 Carolina Springs Elementary

Prayers:  Honeybun’s job search, Chinstrap family, Deadstick surgery sept 10th, Katniss son’s travel spoken and unspoken

Closing prayer.