• When: 2019-01-19
  • QIC: Harp
  • The PAX: Hoboken, Farmer, Kiffin, Olaf, Emmy, Finch, Sauerkraut, Steamer, McCafe, Harp (Respect)

Showdown Saturday

10 Pax posted at sunrise for another high paced morning of ultimate frisbee

Opening Prayer

Mosey to the practice field and count off 1’s and 2’s

As the game started, Team 1 got and off to a quick lead but team 2 was able to matriculate the disc down the field several times although without actually scoring .  Team 1 scored a few more then decided they had better give up while they were ahead.  Teams were split up and somehow YHC ended up on the team that was not “all in” as the other team continued to score at will.  YHC’s team did at least manage to score several times, but the final result was still pretty lopsided.  YHC is starting to wonder about his luck of ending up on the team that loses consistently.  There may be a pattern here and surely there is a common denominator….

Fun was had by all, and quite a lot of ground was covered.  Next Saturday will be UF with the 2.0’s

Mosey back to the flag




MGC Long Run




unspoken prayers, pax in particular


New church member

Injuries among the Pax

Closing prayer-Hoboken