• When: 2019-01-19
  • QIC: Microchip
  • The PAX: Chum(r), Dirty Bird(r), POTUS(r), Breaker Breaker(r), Bionic(r), Thumbs Up(r), Netflix, Weekend Special, Boo(r), Wrecking Ball(r), Fast Casual, Barmaid, Deadstick(r), Utah(r), Dance Machine

16 PAX show up for the deck of death

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional, listen to your body, modify if needed. BOM to pray.  Slowzy to bus loop for warmup.

Warmup –     SSH X 25 IC

                 LBAC X 10 IC each arm

                     TTT X 10 IC


Tha Thang:

Slowzy to bus loop lineup for the Deck of Death


Shuffle a standard deck of cards w/ 2 Jokers
to all PAX


Hearts=Plank Jacks


Number cards = # of reps.   Face cards are as follows. Jack=11, Queen=12, King = 13, Ace=14. Jokers = dealer’s choice





Prayer Requests




The Power of Priority!  

We all have priorities in life. Some seek name and fame. Some look for partners, marriage and happiness. We are living in a world full of people who are blindly pursuing the wealth of life. Is this what really matters the most? We neglect relationships, family and God to gain status and security. It’s not the wealth of life but the depth of life that matters the most. When you seek God’s kingdom first and His righteousness, all these things will be given to you! Health, wealth and all that you need, God will provide. If we prioritize God and his Kingdom above everything else, guess what? We become Heaven’s responsibility! God becomes the source of our security. His wealth is at our disposal, to use for His glory! And it is greater than all of the human wealth and wisdom put together on this earth. Think of Daniel, Shadrack, Meshach and Abednego in the bible. They sought God no matter what. There was no compromise! Eventually success came after them. What are you running after today? Let’s get the order right. Let’s seek God first and all other things will follow us. God’s priorities precede God provision and promotion! Let’s pursue the depth of life, as we were created to!


Lord’s prayer


The Pledge of allegiance