• When: 2020-02-01
  • QIC: Boo Boo
  • The PAX: Cheers, Kenwood (R), Dunphy, Muggy Tape, Rumble Strip, Lego, Forrest, Boo Boo

Saturday Shawshank Work

I was called on for an emergency substitute Q on Friday night for the men of Shawshank and luckily I had just the workout in mind for those beasts.  After some Stridelite miles for many participants, we got to work.  Here’s what we did:




Warm up

20 SSH

10 TTT

20 IW

10 Windmills


Try to do another warmup but Dunphy won’t be quiet so on to the workout!

Mosey over to parking lot for 5 rounds of BALMY

B – burpees

A – abs

L – lunges

M – merkins

Y – you run there

Burpees started at 1 and increased by 1 each round.  Abs stayed at 20 reps – we did box cutters, Freddie Mercs, iron crosses, flutter kicks, and hello Dollies. Lunges started at 10 (5 each leg) and increased by 5 each round. Merkins started at 5 and increased by 5 each round.  You run there meant run to the opposite end of the parking lot and start the next round.  Trees in the parking lot island were used as spacers/recovery in between.

After the 5 rounds of BALMY, we went back under the shelter for an F3 classic, BOMBS.  PAX partnered up and while one partner performed the exercise, the other ran to the red car across the parking lot and back, probably 50 or 60 yards round trip.  Reps required for groups were as follows:

B – burpees – 50

O – overhead claps – 100

M – merkins – 150

B – BBSU – 200

S – squats – 250 – this turned into 100 squats and 100 tricep dips because we were all beat down and tired and a little bit in the way of the incoming soccer tournament setup crew.  Cheers was dreaming of breakfast.

Back to the flag.


6 year F3 Lexington convergence

Lots of events headed our way with nicer weather

Prayer Requests:

Ponzi – headaches

Rook and family sickness

Lots of family and friends with medical concerns


Pray out

Devo: from this book


  • Kudos to Rumble Strip, the man has been up for all of my dumb ideas (like running to Saturday workouts) recently and he has been crushing them.
  • Forrest is a quiet guy but always makes up for his lack of words with his number of reps, he’s a beast
  • I think half the workout was spent discussing #Elvis.  I remember a story involving a very long bridge and a (well, multiple) not so positive outcome(s)…
  • Good to see Ponzi join us at coffeeteria after recent headaches
  • #Iam3rd award goes to Muggy Tape, picking up the tab for everyone’s breakfast at the Thicket. And for making us all want to go sky diving.
  • There’s not much better than pounding a giant plate of breakfast food with the boys after a Saturday workout

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