• When: 2018-07-07
  • QIC: Argyle
  • The PAX: Dozer, Overage, Moist, DanceMom, Bailout, Argyle

Rugby at CAT


A quick explanation of rules then off to the lower field to set up. The 1st quarter was played on the half field nearest to the stadium while the 2nd-4th quarters were played on the 2/3 field farthest from the stadium to avoid the direct spray of the sprinklers.

The Rules

The Ball is placed at midfield-ish. Each team, with flag football flags, lines up in their own endzone. on the call of “GO” each pax performs 5 burpees and then sprints to the ball. The ball can be picked up, carried, kicked, thrown, lateraled… The rules are really loose here… until the flag is pulled. Pax who do not have the ball can block, receive, prepare for a lateral, admire the daises… until their flag is pulled. Once a flag is pulled the Pax must perform 10 merkins, on the spot, before retrieving their flag and returning to the match. The goal is to advance the ball until it reaches your opponents endzone without your flag being pulled. A Pax does not have to have the ball to have their flag pulled and the punishment to return to the match is the same.

Once a team scores they return the ball to midfield-ish while the losers perform 10 BBSU. the match lasts until one team cries uncle or an hour is up. The final score was 9-7.

Oh, and the ball is a 20 lbs medicine ball

A few observations:

Dozer is extremely nimble for his size

Once DanceMom starts running, he cant stop.

Overage is more likely to grab shorts than flags

Argyle will do anything to win

The Pax cleaned up the field and went back to the parking lot to finish off with some wall sits, lunges, and some tunes. followed by COT