• When: 2018-03-08
  • QIC: Tory
  • The PAX: Tory, Shakespear, Flobie, Foghorn, Queenie

Reps and Bears

Took a lap around parking lot

20 x SSH

20 x Overhead Arm Claps

20 X TTT


Grab block and bring back up to parking lot.

Complete 25 merkins at the start, run to the end of parking lot, 25 more merkins, run to the start do 25 more, run to the end once more and do 25 more merkins.  Run back to the start and perfrom 25 curls.

Rinse and Repeat with the following:

100xMerkins – 25 Curls

100Xsquats – 25 Rows

100xBBSU – 25 Overhead presses


YHC called an audible and wanted to change it up, so we mosied over to the hill near the steps of the parking lot.

5 burpees at the bottom – bear crawl to top of hill – 4 burpees at top of hill – walk down hill

Rinse and Repeat til the reps got down to 1.


Shakespeare complained of not doing Mary anymore, so we put up our blocks and did some ab work.

YHC called out 25 flutter kicks – followed by 25 Ray Charles

Shakespeare called out hello dollys or some weird exercise – I think we did 10 or so

TCM Queenie called out smurf jacks and plank jacks.


Prayers for our injured brothers and those who forgot how to get to Foxhole

Prayers for Foghorn as he takes his Home Inspectors license test on Saturday.