• When: 2019-05-21
  • QIC: Swayze
  • The PAX: Pull Out, Pole Cat, Belding, Shank, Mermaid, Urkel, Nub, Happy Trees, Hollywood

Polish Massacre

I was day dreaming about my Q this morning and ended up missing the turn into Smokehouse. Once I arrived, I was a little disappointed since we only had 7 pax and needed an even number. What’s even worse is Lil B’s Q the previous week was double digits. At the last minute we ended up with 10 so it was going to be a good morning. In honor of our AOQ, I wore my Poland Shirt and he didn’t even show up! I was hoping we would have a Wino or Caboose sighting, but it was hot and humid and a lot of man sweat was about to be given away. I know once my name was the on the Q sheet, the AOQ from Rooster would be absent due to LBAC’s and Old Yeller Matlock would be tired from Bingo on Monday night. We had our regulars there minus Putz and even the Russian Spy was able to attend.

COP: NO disclaimer because I am a professional!

15 Side Straddle Hops.

Mosied to field and gathered around in a circle and did the following:

15 through the tunnels

15 LBAC forward and reverse.

Then decided it would be a good idea to do Merkins to Thunder.

We then teamed up with a partner and grabbed a block. While I  was on my throne, I thought of a good exercise that would be fun.

100 sit ups each with your partner feet or legs touching and each partner doing 50 situps with the blocks and 50 regular. It was all fun and games until Nub made me hold the block longer than expected and something slipped out.

We then ran to the hill and did 300 squats with a partner while the other person ran up and down the hill swapping out.

After that was over with we ran back to the blocks and got into a circle. This time we decided to run in place to the song and every time you hear the word “dust” from “another one bites the dust” You do a burpee. Nub said this song never ends and Mermaid was smiling like someone gave him a wedgie in high school since we were running and doing burpees.

Once the song was over we all went back to the blocks and did 300 curls for the girls with your partner while the other person ran 50 yards and back. I was hoping I was going to make Lil B have an accident when I scared him when he was running backwards but it didn’t happen. As time expired we put up all our blocks and ran back to the pretend shovel flag.

Name O Rama

Prayers: Pole Cat’s Father, Mermaids friend who got struck by lightning, Nub’s 2.0 classmate, Children on Pull Out’s Baseball team. SK and Doodles family. One thing we talked about we never know what is going on with some of these kids and its nice for them to have outlets for them to take their minds off things. It would be nice if we could get some type of program like Lexington District one has with some of the kids to mentor them but I’m not sure how much red tape is involved. Just keep all the children in your prayers especially with the summer coming up and some of them getting the food they need to survive. Some of the children’s only meals were coming from the school and its something that they are trying to address.