• When: 2019-04-09
  • QIC: Katniss
  • The PAX: Emmy, 6ft Under(R), Ebert,Kiffin, Katniss (QIC)

No sleep til….F3

Conditions wet but not yet raining again and 62°F , slight wind blowing our beautiful shovel flag out to its full glory.

Pledge of Allegiance

Little sleep last night as our AC went out and the house was muggy and anxiety about the repair cost was on YHCs mind. Woke about  2am and attempted to plan a Q and prayed for anyone I could think of. Showed up with no weinke in hand but I know enough to be efficient calling exercises. However,  6 Ft Under showed up and definitely was able to throw me off my game a little with his “counting” and mumble chatter.  We love you 6!  Emmy for SL, awesome work . Congrats to Ebert for earning  his orange belt in karate and participating in the “kick o rama” making  his thighs sore. YHC attempted to call exercises to “help” him work through his soreness. Deadstick participated in The Gauntlet and we missed him being with us. Definitely missing  Brainiac as he deals with a difficult knee problem follow surgery.

Warm up

SSH 25 4ct ic
TTT 15 4ct ic fully  erect Tinkle style
Imp walkers 20 4ct ic
Toy soldiers 15 4ct ic
Plank Jacks 20 4ct ic

Mosey and get a good heavy wet block, YHC “assisted” pax in picking out a good one.

The thang

plank on block for the 6

On your six chest presses and Skull Crushers

Hipthrusters feet on block and big boy sit-ups feet in Block

Standing curls and overhead presses

Take a lap around the parking lot

Return to the blocks for block burpees and squats start 1/1, 2/2,4/4,8/8  finish it off with 10 regular burpees 10 squats
Plank for the 6

I am sure there were some other exercises here but cant think of them…..

Take a lap around the parking lot

Return to blocks

Circle up for…

Emmy calls American hammers 25 4ct ic

Kiffin calls  Flutter kicks 15 4ct ic

6ft calls some decline  merkins feet on blocks with slow cadence  and arm / leg lifts mixed in …”in cadence” kinda.

Ebert calls Arnold Fondas ,these will reveal any hip weaknesses in most pax. L and R legs side lying –  up/down, clockwise/counter,  front to back kicks. Keeping working leg up the entire time . 10 4ct ic through full cycle each leg.

Time called and pax OH block carry back to block pile.

Count o rama,  Name o rama
Again, glad to see 6ft this morning


The Gauntlet continues check Twitter for updates and locations.

Harbison Hundred Mile and hundred K race Saturday 4/13.


Pax doing Harbison 100k/100 miler
Spring break, travel mercies etc
Mr  Wannamaker cancer and back in hospital
Katniss’s coworker Joe, bone cancer
6ft to be able to stay connected with us
All spoken and unspoken requests


Emotions. There’s been quite a bit of talk about this recently especially how it relates to our inadequacies, depression,and possibly suicide. As Brothers in F3 and in Christ We should strive understand our emotions and honor God with the appropriate response to them. Here is a portion of a little devotional regarding emotions.

The Bible validates men’s emotions.

If you’re a Christian, you want to take your cue from what the Bible says. For example, David was a warrior king. He did many heroic exploits and won many battles. But when his infant son was dying, he wept and refused to eat (2 Samuel 12). Later, when an adult son rebelled against him and was killed in the process, David cried openly (2 Samuel 18:33).

Jesus also expressed a whole range of emotions, including anger.

Matthew 21:12-13  Jesus entered the Temple and began to drive out all the people buying and selling animals for sacrifice. He knocked over the tables of the money changers and the chairs of those selling doves. He said to them, “The Scriptures declare, ‘My Temple will be called a house of prayer,’ but you have turned it into a den of thieves!”

That seems like a manly expression of emotion, according to our culture. But Jesus also wept in public over the death of a friend (John 11:35).

What should men do with their emotions?

Don’t deny or stuff them. They are part of how God created you. Men don’t have to be like women in order to feel and express emotions. So be aware of your emotions and don’t pretend they aren’t real.

Allow them to teach you. Have the courage to ask, “Why am I feeling this? What is causing me to be angry? To feel this fear?” These questions can reveal important issues beneath the surface that you might otherwise not recognize. Once you’re tuned in, you can address those issues in a healthy way.

Don’t let them rule your choices. Acknowledge what you’re feeling. Then respond to those feelings in a way that honors God. Choose to act based on God’s word and God’s truth rather than on the impulse of the emotion.

Again, men are different from women. That doesn’t mean men don’t have emotions. Men can learn to respond to emotions in a way that is honest yet also brings honor to God.

More on above devo (link)

Emotions for Men

In closing, God would never want you to take your own life that would definitely not be honoring God or His word. It happens though, even pastors have taken their own lives. I think it is definitely human nature to think when things are getting really bad that you could just end it and be done with it. I won’t deny there have been times in my life when I have definitely thought about it. But with first-hand knowledge and experience after losing my brother at age 18 to suicide and seeing its effect on my family I knew what suffering it would cause. Furthermore,  I deeply miss my brother and would not want to place that burden on another that loves me. Especially my God. His love is the greatest for His children and I am His child.
If you have a burden share it with your pax in the COT . Let it out and be done with it.

Your brother,