• When: 4-8-19
  • QIC: Chinstrap + Postal
  • The PAX: nick, cowbell, koondog, Magellan, tater, booster, giggity, boo boo, bar crawl, pickaxe, overnight, genie, Shorthaul, dirty bird, chinstrap, natureboy, cheers, Ranger, Lego, harp, rocking chair, dunphy, Hemingway, drisocket, argyle, deadstick, bulldog, shake and bake, buzz saw, Ken doll, soaker, Quisenberry, Swanson, whisper, Ralphie, fry daddy, muggy tape, A.w.o.l.

Gauntlet Day 1 -Viper Backblast

Day one of the  2019 Gauntlet started off with the infamous set of stairs that loomed ominous in gloom and haze this am.

YHC was stoked to set the gauntlet off and we didn’t wast much time. The 39 PAX were ready to get rolling!

Here is how things went down today!

Condtiions: 57 and muggy.

Welcome, Prayer, reminder for radio silence and hammer down.

Chinstrap with Viper instructions.

Run to top of stair case and down in 1 minute. This thing was a gasser, several eager PAX passed YHC and I decided to venture on to the rest of the Viper.

Fist bump to Nick for setting a solid pace!

stair case 1- 11 hand release merkins bottom 11 American hammers at top.

add one rep per stair case. 5 sets of stairs

at each corner set of stairs flutter kicks at top

a set of pull up bars were available for the over achievers to work if they do desired.

mosey to flag for COT

Props to Chin strap for coordination

fist bump to Bar crawl for posting in a sling, and rocking chair for posting after destroying a spartan race yesterday!

Prayers: Brodie battling Lukemia. Pray for Swanson’s family  prayer for chinstrap and their life.

Announcemnts : Support thumbs up in raising money for LLS www.fiteforacure.com

hanmer down at home. Radio silence.

Day 2 of the gauntlet heads to turning point for the kamikaze! It’ll be awesome