• When: 2019-04-08
  • QIC: Wham!
  • The PAX: Free Bird, McClovin, Bubbles, Toy, Katniss, Kamikaze, Hugo, High Stick, Selfie, Turnpike

Tour of Tombee

11 PAX at #thecastle endured a Tour of Tombee in quite pleasant weather.

The warm up:



Mosey around the parking lot

15 SSH

15 Imperial Walkers

15 TTT

Calf stretch

15 plank jacks

15 bbsu oyo

The Ditty:

Grabbed blocks and headed to the top of liberal hill.

We lunged walk to each mail box on the right and stopped to do 10 squats.  Low planked for 1 minute after the third mail box.  Finished up the next 8 mailboxes by sprinting instead of lunge walks.  Turned around at the 11th mailbox and started with 10 calf raises at eachmail box and added 1 additional for each mailbox there after

At each mailbox on the right, we rotated between merkins and burpees with blocks. 1st mail box is 1 merkin. The next mail box is 2 burpees with blocks. So on and so forth until we finished at the 11th mail box stopping halfway through to low plank for 1 minute.  Head back and did 10 curls for the girls at each mail box.

Headed to the bottom of liberal hill and did suicides in honor of Katniss #theinnovator