• When: 2017-11-07
  • QIC: Stay Puff
  • The PAX: Hollywood, Happy Trees, Urkle, Shankapatomus (Respect) Babe, Tongue and Groove, Nub, Wino, Caboose, Pull Out, Matlock, Wilson, Belding, Polecat, Stay Puff

Mary Jane’s Even Flow Burpees Helped to us to Just Breath Like the Wolf

  • YHC was very excited for this VQ and wanted to make it as memorable and enjoyable as possible.  What better way than with a little music and some burpees.  YHC started F3 last February and remembers the first workout very well, specifically how few burpees and merkins he could do (3-5) and how close he came to a Merlot break.  This group of men has been an absolute blessing for me and I enjoy all the time we are able to spend in the gloom.  Cheers!

Condition: 62 degrees and delightful

1 min warning



Mosey to track to the far goal line


SSH x 15 IC

5 burpees OYO

Power Jacks x 10 IC

10 merkins OYO

LBAC F&B x 15 IC

5 burpees OYO

Windmills x 10 IC

TTT x10 IC

10 merkins OYO

15 crunches OYO

15 Big boy sit-ups OYO

5 burpees OYO

The Thang:

A series songs in which 1 exercise is performed during the verse and another during the chorus.  Recover during any instrumental bridge.

Mary Jane’s Last Dance

hydraulic planks and merkins

Run to opposite goal line and back

Even Flow

squats and burpees

Run to opposite goal line and back

Hungry Like the Wolf

flutterkicks and mountain climbers

Run to opposite goal line and back

Free Fallin’

lunges and burpees

Just Breath

Leg lifts and hold low leg lift at chorus

Run to opposite goal line and back

All Night Long

Lebron James leg lift and burpees

Run to opposite goal line and back


Time called and mosey back to SF



11/11 John Flanagan Memorial 10k

12/8 Smokehouse Christmas [email protected] Wino’s

Prayer concerns:  Texas church community, Chad Arant, Julia Shealy