• When: 2019-09-05
  • QIC: Caboose, Happy Trees
  • The PAX: Kracker (with a K), Blockhead, Pullout, Nub, Urkel, Shankopotamus (R), Rabbi, Putz, Wilson, Belding, Matlock (R), Swayze, Tongue n Groove, Hollywood, Babe, Happy Trees, Caboose

Magnum Opus

Imagine if you will…..

17 PAX wake in the gloom. Their mental fortitude, and some aging bladders, pull them from the fartsack, we are looking at you Matlock. The FOMO was real and they knew there was something brewing on this particular morning, not Swayze’s late night soda and peanut butter hot dog snack, but truly something special. The excitement proved to much for some and they may not have slept at all, the video footage shows Babe on premise at 2 am ironing the flag and greasing the shovel.  It was so special that  Shankopotamus cut off his Tony Horton DVD and jumped in his truck. So unfathomably ultimate that Wilson and Blockhead didn’t leave for Dad’s camp a day early. Which leads YHC to think Kracker, with a K, may not be the favorite child. The absolute awesomeness caused TnG to be possessed by the American Hammer fairy. Hollywood pulled off his Putin blankets, kissed his Kremlin snow globe for luck and put on his patriot face. I think he must have climbed in the Reagan hummer and swung back by Bernard Street to scoop up Putz , because that guy was on time for the first time ever! There was so much anticipation for this blockbuster beat down that Pullout is having a 1 and 1/2 day sale! Buy 4 ottomans and get 1 free…buy before 6 am and they will throw in a free pillow! YES! YES!  Heart rates were surely on the rise Smokehouse men!  Belding knew better than to wear some Wilt Chamberlain leg warmers on this day and Urkel was so flustered he almost forgot to change the Rayovacs in the Prius, thermostat, 10 remote controls, smart lights, smart alarms, digital dog, butler bot, google tub, and bike lights. No worries, Alexa reminded him.  YHC is not trying to over exagerrate here but Rabbi’s arms turned into pythons and he even heard Nub lost his ab and grew a finger back! As for HT and Caboose….well, what can you say?

Thanks for the past 3 years brothers.


Out of all of this, the true awesomeness was rolled out in the Devo this morning. There is a dire need for our spiritual strength as men right now! There has been and will be need for ALL of us to be the “salt” until Jesus comes, but we as men desperately need to get dirty and in the trenches.  What’s more awesome? We are meant to draw on one another to do it. Where you fail guaranteed there is a brother that can help you grow.  We can start here and, if you have to, start simple!  Glory grows and little seeds can become massive trees with only little faith.  There is also something to be said about leaps of faith in the midst of atrocity when it comes doing God’s work. Encourage your brothers to fellowship, pray with your brothers, rely on each other, use each other to glorify God with not just our lips but also our actions! You definitely don’t have to travel far to see the need for “salt” .


CONDITIONS: Sweaty…oh you mean the weather?  There was a light breeze, nothing fancy.



COP (on track next to Block Pile): SSH x20 IC, TTTx20 IC, Imperial Walkers x20 IC, LBAC (F) x10 IC, (R)x10 IC.

The Thang:   

Grab a block and a partner and mosey to the bottom of Ole Smokey.  P1 stays at bottom for AMRAP while P2 runs to the top to complete designated excercise. Round 1: P1  AMRAP Block Swings, P2 Run to top for 40 2 count American Hammers,. flapjack Round 2: P1 OH Press, P2 runs to top for 30 BBSU’s. flapjack Round 3: P1 Thrusters, P2 runs to top for 20 V ups. flapjack. PLANK OR SWEEP 6 WHEN COMPLETE. PAX CHOICE.

Recover and stay at the bottom of Ole Smokey for an almost Merkin Mountain. At the bottom do 10 Curls For the Girls. Run halfway up for 5 Incline Merkins. Run to top for 5 Merkins. Run down halfway for 5 Decline Merkins. Run to Bottom. RINSE AND REPEAT 5X.

Mosey to third light pole out from the ticket booth. Walk to second light pole while doing OH press with your block. Lunge with your block to the light pole in front of the ticket booth. RETURN BLOCKS. AVOID ANTS.

Mosey to flag for Mary

Boat Canoe, Boat Canoe, 3 Merkins 20 hand release Merkins.



NAME O RAMA                                                                                                  

PRAYER REQUESTS: Eddie Dority, The Bahamas and Southeastern US Coastal areas being affected by Hurricane Dorian.

Announcements: 9/11 Challenge is drawing near, get a team together! T shirt cut off date is 9/10 and the event is 9/21. 7 am for runners, 6 am for ruckers.