• When: 2021-12-14
  • QIC: Soaker
  • The PAX: Lego, Brick, Dunphy (R), Doo Dah (R), Buzz Saw (R), Garth (R), Ken Doll, Cheers, Coon Dog, Good Hands, Crab Legs (FNG), Runaway, Soaker

Little Bricks Lead to a Big Brick

There was a chill in the air and frost on the ground,

HIM’s were all around to be found.

Past AOQ’s were a-plenty, as seen by the drone,

Lego, Coon Dog, Ken Doll, Dunphy, and Cheers (minus his stone).

Studly pax also posted in spite of the chilly conditions,

Solid mumblechatter was heard keeping up with Shawshank traditions.

YHC had a plan, a solid plan for a beatdown. It was solid on paper but, after round 2, shoulders were toast and I realized we still had 35 minutes left. Well, got to keep pushing through because I was next to Buzz Saw and there is no off switch with that dude, or Dunphy for that matter. Lego was rocking a vest making his down reps easier than what the rest of us had to endure. Cheers and Doo Dah enjoyed 4 seconds of silence during the 45 minutes, Coon Dog was looking for shooting stars, Ken Doll was loving the rep counts, Garth powered through, as did Good Hands and our FNG, Crab Legs. Runaway is back a loving the cool air. Brick handled the bricks like a pro. 

1 minute warning, disclaimer, welcome our FNG, open in prayer.

Mosey to the brick pile and grab one for each hand. Head to the upper field and circle up.

SSH x 25 IC, Michael Phelps x 15 IC, LBAC x 9 IC (forward) x 11 IC (backward).


Hold bricks for all exercises.

Round 1 – 10 burpees

Round 2 – 10 burpees, 25 merkins

Round 3 – 10 burpees, 25 merkins, 50 lunges (single count)

Round 4 – 10 burpees, 25 merkins, 50 lunges, 100 BBSU’s

Round 5 – 10 burpees, 25 merkins, 50 lunges, 100 BBSU’s, 150 squats

After each round, run to midfield for 15 lateral raises and 15 OH presses.

Recover. Return bricks and mosey back to the flag.

FNG – Joel works at LMC, attended FSU. FSU>Deion>Tebow>Free Shoes>Crab Legs. Welcome, Crab Legs.


Dec 24 – Nativity Ruck at 5am – 9/11 memorial

Jan 1 – Convergence – RBHS at 7am

Prayer requests:


No Show

Garth and family

Knozit’s M – procedure today

Close in prayer.

Devo: Immanuel – God with us. This name is mentioned only 3 times in the Bible, but the thought is throughout the Scriptures. No matter what we are facing, we do not face it alone. God is with us. Thank him for this time of year when we remember Jesus being born fulfilling the promise that he would be born and be with us forever.

Big announcement. YHC’s time as AOQ has come to an end. It has been an awesome year carrying the flag for these men. This AO has multiple HIM’s who are true leaders in F3, their families, workplaces, and community. It has truly been an honor. That being said, the shovel flag has been passed to a dude who many look up to because he is so tall, and because he is a solid dude. This pax cares about the group, is involved and consistent in his posting, Q’ing, encouraging, and all around support. Brick will take the flag and Shawshank to the next level in 2022. Thanks to all the men of Shawshank for the support in 2021, and good luck to Brick in 2022. You got this because we are all in this together. No OYO!



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