• When: 2021-09-30
  • QIC: Soaker
  • The PAX: Dunphy (R), Doo Dah (R), Garth (R), Runaway, Coon Dog, Brick, Duff, Lego, Cheers

Light Blockwork – IPC Week 4

The final week of IPC 2021 has come and gone. The 9 pax who posted got better. Here is a summary of the good times.

Weather – 62 and perfect. Nice view of constellations and the moon. 

1 minute warning, heartfelt disclaimer, open in prayer.

Walk to the field with the blocks already lined up, lights marking the 25 yard run, speaker and phone that is almost dead. 

Garth was wondering why we walked across bearcrawl bridge. Poor dude skipped the previous IPC days and had no idea we conserve energy until it is absolutely necessary to unleash the raging beasts the lie within. We are powerful and smart.

Brick posted to hit this workout for the second time this week. I would offer t-claps but can not raise my hands high enough. Impressed by this young man.

Coon Dog crushed the workout and was oddly silent for most of the time. I guess the high number of reps explains why he was seen barefooted and counting his toes at one point. 25 is a really high number to count to.

Lego tried to get out of the second half of the workout by throwing his block. This known blockbreaker has no shame. Not only did his block survive, but Lego finished all the reps. Way to go, big guy.

Garth, previously mentioned above, came to understand the leisurely walk as the workout progressed. This guy has been a stud since first posting just a few months ago. Always good to have both he and his long socks out in the gloom. Schwiiiing and party on.

Duff powered through the ordeal in fine fashion. Posting for his first team event and crushing all 4 IPC’s this year…way to go, Duffster, Duffinager, Duffmeister, Duff-man. This guy recently committed to the gauntlet and will be doing so left handed to show how strong he is.

Doo Dah and the Jug of Jocular Fortitude posted. Sure, he started before Hootie and the Blowfish started singing but that is okay. He is like a thoroughbred raging to clear the gates at the beginning of the KY Derby. Speaking of KY…never mind.

Dunphy and Runaway walked through the fog and appeared 15 minutes into the fun. Early start? Who needs an early start when you can pound out reps in record fashion like these two men. Tardy? Sure. Solid like a rock? You bet. Shawshank brings out the finest of men at all times of the day.

As for YHC? I was glad our great encourager, Buzz Saw, showed up to keep us pushing on. Arms were shot, legs were shaky, but hearing Buzz Saw yell for you to pick it up, watch your form, keep pushing was enough to get me through. This guy is a true HIM, coming out early in the morning for the sole purpose of encouraging and pushing us to finish. He did complain about the music selection which was hand selected by YHC. Suck it, Buzz Saw, I am the king of swing, connoisseur of country, prince of pop, rocker of rock, and bad ass of blues.

The timer went off, blocks were returned and walk back to the flag ensued. Awesome work, men.


Gauntlet – cranks up 10/18

Saturday – The Hollow

Cheech 10K – 11/13

Prayer requests:

Mulligan’s 2.0

Coon Dog’s grandmother


Injured / Sick pax



Closing prayer.

Devo: Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Perseverance is necessary and God is patient. Keep plowing forward every day, He is faithful. 

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